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Nebula Jazz Planet Fan Art

Buffet-4 aka Margaritaville located in the Erogenous Zone

Aga’ra, the Aga’ran homeworld

Elexatron, the home of the Elaxetronian hive mind

The Mother Slime or (H)Eugene? Who knows anymore? It’s hard to keep them apart these days.

Ssliyn, the Lizardmen homeworld. All hail to the mighty Blixnort!

Xanadu, the honeycomb of the Minghasi Emperium.

Deadman’s Reef aka Space Berlin, a chunk of icy space rock floating somewhere in the neutral zone.

© Kjell Cobbaert
Deathgornom on Deviantart


omg xanadu is PERFECT

they’re all beautiful thank you so much

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Thank you for the inspiration, my dude! Was really fun making these and I’m glad with the results. Might be some of my best work actually. I really loved every minute of Nebula Jazz! :blush:

My mind is still boggling at trying to comprehend a dyson sphere that holds multiple planets. The scale is just… yikes. Then again, TARDIS lol.

Well Dyson Sphere are kinda small fry anyway: