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[Nebula Jazz] Five Minute Recap


(AdamKoebel) #1

To help you get caught up on all the shenanigans, I put together this short recap video - here's what's been happening in NEBULA JAZZ

(Might be Captain Marvel) #2

:itmejp10: thank you so much for this Adam :heart:

(BerUSek) #3

This is a pretty great and on point recap!
But also it made me wonder... How much money in donations would be necessary to, say, get into a collab with The Warp Zone and make a NEBULA JAZZ RECAP RAP? Possibly with Dooger, Jesse, Sam and Pokket dressing up as their characters? Because That would be a never before reached level of AWESOME! XD

(Viktormon) #4

I've found that trying to explain Nebula Jazz and what's great about using Fate Accelerated is really difficult, so this summary of the story is impressive. Dang our hero-... Protagonists has done a lot.

(Viktormon) #5

Oh, also, if the show keeps going for longer, maybe consider putting together a video with art depicting scenes and stuff! I might know a pretty good artist who'd love that. -2 careful wink

(Appaomega) #6

This seems like an appropriate parallel of how the game has gone.