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Nebula Jazz Claymation

Well, this isn’t exactly “claymation” as it is a “puppet animation” ive made out of a clay sculpt and animated in Adobe Character Animator(that real time animation program.)

I have Eugene, a rough Adam, and some concepts for Rex, Quin, and Aurora. Sort of working on getting steam to finish the models. Once the clay models are done the animation takes as long as it takes to physically act it out, so i could do some decent length scenes if finished.

Is Nebula Jazz still a thing? I saw it just ended season one, but i don’t know if season 2 is to start any time soon.

I hope you don’t mind @Gabriev666 but I threw in your neon sign thing and sort of pasted it into this alley scene for a test. If i fully flesh this idea out i’d do the backgrounds myself… The sign is so good though.

Anyhoo… thats the current wackiness I’m messing with now.


Season 2 is starting up in October. This looks great! :slight_smile:

That looks amazing! Eugene looks so life-like :P
Can’t wait to see all the finished characters.

This weekend ain’t it?

Its monday at 9pm EST

So it’d on my weekend lol

This is so freaking cool man!

Eugene and the “Deranged Wizard” I did got featured on this months Adobe Character Animator video. How wacky.

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