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My SWN Campaign

(DrSmurrie) #1

Whoa, listen, I have been running a Pathfinder campaign for my friends called Children of the Zodiac. It’s basically set in a homebrewn world called Zodia where all (high fantasy) races were created by the Zodiac and thus the stars are very important. I’ve spent years on this campaign and now it’s coming to an end and because of Swan Song, which I’ve only just watched, I began creating a sci fi follow up of my pathfinder campaign with the Star without Numbers system. Seeing Adam use constellation names now is mindblowing. I don’t twitter so I hope he sees this because I am very, very excited and would love to glean more of his plans for the new Rollplay series!

As “proof” here’s the worldmap I made for my Pathfinder campaign, the link to my Sectors WIthout Numbers universe called Zodia Epsilon for the follow up campaign and my Excel File file with my factions.

Factions of [the as yet unnamed SWN Rollplay show]