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My first D&D character

(Thegamingmaster97) #1

Hey, been watching rollplay for a few years now and finally got my first game this Friday. I have made my character and was hoping to get feedback or advice.

Race: Dragonborn. Class: Paladin. Background: Knight. Stats: Str 17, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 8, Wis 13, Chr 13. AC: 18 (with chain mail and shield), Equipment: Longsword, Javelin x5, explorers pack, shield, chain mail, holy seal, travelers clothes. Alignment: Lawful Good, chose medicine and athletics as my bonus skills.

Would appreciate any feedback.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #2

Sure I'll take a shot at this. First of all this is your character so you don't have to take anyone's advice.

You never want an odd ability score if you can avoid it. I'm assuming you're using the standard array but if you rolled let me know. There is no benefit between a 16 and a 17. You're better rearranging your numbers. Put your 14 in STR with a +2 racial bonus that gives you a 16. You probabyly want your next highest score to be CHA and your third highest to be CON. I'd put your 15 in CHA with a +1 racial bonus you end up with 16. Put your 13 in CON, 12 in WIS, 10 in DEX and 8 in INT. The 13 and 12 really doesn't matter and can be interchangeable. The Dex vs Int for the 10 and 8 is up to you, they both have their benefits.

Equipment looks good and bonus skills look fine. Don't forget you can't see in the dark, my suggestion would be to purchase a lantern, you can do this from your starting gold. You have torches but the lantern is better.

Also really think about being Lawful Good. A LG Paladin can break a party in certain instances. You would be somewhat tied to ensuring no one in the party straddles the gray area. You may want to consider playing Neutral Good so you don't have to be constantly fighting with that Rogue or Bard.

Anyways good luck and have a great time!

(Thegamingmaster97) #3

Thanks for replying, i did use the standard array and forgot about the class stats. i will definetly think about the lawful good part, was just thinking Paladin=always good

(Twitch: eyearcana) #4

Understood it's the typical choice however in 5th edition there is no restriction in going that way. Lawful Good means you always follow the law to a "T" in performing your good deeds. Neutral Good just means you're willing play in that gray area a bit.