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Musical Inspiration

The first thing i thought of when I heard the name was a band and one song in particular.
Asteroid Galaxy Tour - Major

Its got the popness but still a jazzy feel

This made me look back at things like Jaco Pastorius and Maynard Ferguson. Good stuff I hadn’t listened to in a while!

Alright, one more! The album Miman by Nicole Sabouné. A postpunk/darkwave-ish retelling of Nobel laureate Harry Martinsson’s scifi-poem Aniara.

It might not be aligned tonally with what have been posted this thread so far, but I think it could be suitable to find inspiration for the darker parts of space. Case in point: The namesake of the album is a ship A.I who is driven to despair by carrying the collective knowledge of humanity.

Here’s one of the tracks of the album:

My own tastes in jazz tend more towards DJ mixes and hip hop with a bit of Vangelis (Blade Runner) mixed in.

To start, I have to pay respects to Nujabes (You’ll find some Nujabes music in the anime Samurai Champloo). Though the piece I linked is more mixed jazz he also did a large amount of hip hop beats layered with jazz atmospherics and instrumentals.

My favorite modern Jazz/hip hop/trip hop (whatever you want to call it) composer is probably DJ Cam through. I stumbled across his music while browsing at Streetlight Records (yes it was long enough ago that I went out and bought CDs). I heard this sweet music being played on the store speakers.

Fillet of Soul is by far my favorite music album. Some smooth vocals over a hip hop beat with wonderful jazz instrumentals. I think you can hear influences of Charles Mingus in the tracks (and the last song is certainly a Mingus cover). Unfortunately youtube only has a few of their songs but I think you can pick up the full album from amazon if you fall in love with it like I did. [edit: Yep. Link]

That Venetian Snares tune is dope.
Nebula Jazz = Floating Points - Elaenia

Cold Black Heart - Blues Saraceno, alot of the Rebel Galaxy soundtrack could fit

Since I can talk about this now - the world blew up in 1986 but decades later our broadcasts are reaching the rest of the galaxy, inspiring all kinds of strange behaviour. They say on Station Tafik that a gang of no-good hoodlums have taken to wearing red leather jackets and protecting their territory fiercely…


Haha, I did wonder when you described a red leather jacket and a metal bat with “Beat it” on it.

Oh god, I just got a mental image of a doomsday cult that sprung out of a transmission from Europe’s The Final Countdown. :sweat_smile:

There needs to be a Lollipop Guild.

I thought about this song when they were out in space

Eugene’s soundtrack … :slight_smile: Just too Busy Earnin’

Aurora’s soundtrack … best pop go lucky track at the moment … don’t let this be the Final Song from the Humans :slight_smile:

Rex’s soundtrack can only be Back in Black

So i made a spotify playlist inspired by Nebula Jazz. I tried to mostly stick to the 1986 limitations, but there’s some little extras here and there. So yeah, just wanted to share it with all y’all. I’ll update it as time goes on and further suggestions are always welcome!


I’m sure that somewhere, a Cthulthu looking scientist has created some sort of alternate timeline veiwing lens that he used to steal music that could have been and distribute it among the masses. Let’s face it, we need Celine Dion to make every scene better lol.

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To add to this, I love you for including Lzzy Hale.

This tune sums up the show up nicely

My feeling for the upcoming season:

I was thinking more alternative rock from the 90s like The Pixies.

For the golden apple :slight_smile: