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(Edokdyshi) #1

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone here knows how fast the MP3’s after each show is ready to be downloaded and listen to? Is it the same day, days after or week?

(Chrisploitation) #2

Real fast. I live in Europe so Nebula Jazz ends around 5-6am or something for me and the mp3 is almost always available when I’m having my breakfast

(Edokdyshi) #3

Do you DL it or they use Dropbox? Just curious how the system works, need a good listen in a few days so thinking about getting the MP3’s

(Chrisploitation) #4

I download it directly to my phone or tablet from Haven’t checked if I can streamline/automatize that process (like downloading a whole folder etc) because I’ve never had the need though.

(Edokdyshi) #5

Thank you :blush:

(Kol_Saresk) #6

Yeah, it’s typically within the next twenty four hours. Sometimes the live shows might be within two days, because they’re twice as long. At least, that’s been my perception of it. But yeah, pretty dang fast all things considered.