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MP3's not working

(entertherussian64) #1

I can't access the MP3 site, anyone else having this problem?

(Jjinxy) #2

I've been getting "invalid token" since yesterday. With how many times I have problems with mp3s I've honestly been thinking of cancelling my patreon and subing to JP's channels instead to get VODs. But on the other hand I only watch Rollplay and want to support it so I'm still torn on that...

(Kol_Saresk) #3

I am literally downloading mp3s from patreon right now on my new computer. Started at BoP, currently working through Mirrorshades.

(Kol_Saresk) #4

Weird question. Is all your payment information up to date? I ask because I had a little mishap with that and it said something about an unapproved token or something like that.

Only other thing I could think of is checking your firewall and antivirus and make sure everything is kosher with being downloaded onto your computer.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #5

it was down for me at the time I first saw this post and now it works
thanks @Crosseye_Jack :itmejpheart:

(It's Alive, It's Alive, IT'S ALIVE!!!!) #6

Yeah, I had some server issues overnight (Why do they always happen overnight and not like 11am after the caffeine has kicked in?) but it should be sorted now :slight_smile: I might just move the token creation system over to AWS Lambda and S3 for the static storage and just let Amazon deal with that from now on :stuck_out_tongue: I've been planning to overhaul the system anyway. I'll have to see how much of a food coma i'm in over Christmas as I normally get bored around 3pm Christmas day anyway.

Did you try logging out and login back in. The system should be showing you a link to log you back in after displaying the invalid token page. If you are still having issues feel free to message me here or email me at :slight_smile: