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Moving Fan Creations (again :O )

It seems to be a bit confusing si I’m going to add in a poll and see what people think.

  • Move it to it’s own section (similar to how Site Feedback is it’s own section)
  • Move it in under RollPlay General (similar to RollPlay Wiki)

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Maybe you can assign a special folder on each thematic board for it? It will be way easier to find stuff for RP:NJ, RP:B, RP:CoS and all that stuff in the respective places, rather than general board for all of it. RIght?

There’s a tagging system that could take care of that without having too many boards. Would probably need to take a look at how exactly that tagging for fan creations should work.

Could the topic description say that RollPlay & itmeJP fan creation are welcome not just RollPlay?

Question about the category - Should it be open to all fan creations of the community? Regardless of it being RollPlay or JP related?

Own section… one might think we could have thought of this earlier :wink: :thumbsup:

Is it possible to give a thread multiple categories, so it would show up in “fan creations” and in “blades” or whereever it relates to?

Like “rollplay wiki” or “balance of power” are displayed in “rollplay general”… different, but same, but different?

That happens with parent and child categories. BoP and the wiki are child categories to RollPlay General.

Not from what I can see.