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Models of the cos crew

I wanted to paint up minis of the COS party. I have a plan for Suli and Berg, but the other 2 are actually a little harder.

I used hero forge for kali and ramus

does anyone have a set of descriptions for any of the 4 characters? I’d love to stay true to the story.
Thanks CoS fans.

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“Official” artwork shows Berg with a bun iirc. His bare chest has a large X scar across it, though he normally wears armor (half plate) if and when he can (he’s lost his armor a few times to monsters and suff). He currently has a shield. His hammer is like the crystal hammer from that WoW Dranei paladin artwork, but it can be one-handed. One arm is stone with veins of lava underneath I think. The other arm has sort of a shriveled band around part of the forearm where the bracer used to be. This fan art is pretty on point:

Sali is a little bit tortoise, a little bit sea turtle - he’s a water variant of Tortle, with webbed/fin feet and all that, has trouble walking around in the desert. Doesn’t wear any clothes except for a big cloak that he’ll wrap around him when he doesn’t want to be noticed (makes him look like a hunchback). I think he has a pack, as well as a bag for spell components (no magical focus).

Here is some more detail on Berg’s look (including the tattoos he forgets that he has). Description begins at 35m30s, tattoos are at ~38m.

If you have stl’s, i would love to 3d print them :slight_smile: