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Message to JP: I've Been Working on a Table-Top RPG for 6+ Years. (Would you like to try it?)

Posted this to your Reddit, but posting again here:

Maybe you get this kind of thing a lot maybe not but I’ve been messing with my own Table-Top RPG since I graduated High School, what started as continuous homebrews after homebrews that became it’s own game that I have finally, after all these years have some form of Alpha that I feel comfortable talking about online.

I would like to push something like Kickstarter in the near future but I have some “example modules” I would like to send out to people to see how it flies. If this is something you’re not interested in that’s fine I just would like to attempt to get some traction before I put up a Kickstarter no one knows about:

The Basics of the game is: The world used to be Technologically advanced, think “The Super Future” but it’s now Mellinums later and a large sentient Tree has “taken over” the world and thrown the world back into the Fantasy Age. Remnants of Sci-fi technology still remain but it’s mostly a Fantasy Game with “ancient tech” sprinkled in. The three things I wanted to push were.

1: All art for the game would be in Pixel Art: I wanted the game to feel like “a SNES RPG” and I was good at Pixel Art so I decided that I would roll with it and use detailed pixel art for all the art of the game.

2: Personality Traits and Vices/Defects: Some other games do this but I wanted to really give the characters a deep pool to develop characters so I developed Personality Traits and Vices/Defects that you can pick for your character. (5e does something similar but the way it is done in my game is vastly different) I’ve also completely reworked the “Alignment” system so that it flows better with character personalities. Example: In the current game we are running our mage is Prideful, Narsistic, and Selfish which gives the player a lot to work with, and causes clashing with other character personalities but in good ways.

3: There is no “Class” System: After years of mulling over various builds I wanted to give players as much character freedom as possible which lead me to a “Point Buy” System that would allow players to build the class they want to play. I have developed various “Caster Types” (Such as Divine, Spiritual, Intellectual, etc) and other things such as “Cunning Actions” (Dexterous abilities similar to that of a rogue or a Barbarian would have in 5e) It has caused some problems and of course, in systems like this there will clearly be “balance” issues but I believe we’ve playtested and worked it out enough to build Modules around it now.

Please get ahold of me if you would like me to send you some PDFs or some test modules. I don’t mean to pander I just wanted to know if the people in the D&D Community would be interested in testing out something like this.


Sorry to bump this old post, but did you ever get any feedback on your game?
I hate seeing topics un-replied-to, but I’m sure you can understand its hard to test out new systems, learn a new game, etc etc

Have you tried playing it with your friends/acquaintances?