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Masks: A New Generation Question


I was thinking of buying Masks: A New Generation and I was wondering if this system has something similar to “fronts” from apocalypse world since masks is based of this system.

I think what Masks calls Arcs is close to fronts. Arcs are a bigger threat than a simple NPC and fall into one of five types (e.g. corruption, invasion, destruction) which is linked with an “impulse”, basically drive (e.g. Invasion, criminals driven to seize territory).

You “fill out the cast” with related NPCs. Then the arc can go thru different phases (setting the board, making a move, endgame) which tracks the progress towards the impulse, You track the villains’ progress through the phases based on what the PCs do. So the general idea is similar, but I don’t think it goes into as much detail about making specific progress clocks, though you could certainly track arcs that way.

Another interesting mechanic is the “hook” in Masks: “Each hook is an actual character that pulls a PC towards a Label.” For each PC, you choose competing labels like danger vs. savior, e.g. torn between defeating enemies and saving lives. Then you create a NPC specifically in that PC’s life that tries to pull them towards one label at the expense of the other, like the mentor who is always lecturing the PC about the need to care for others.

The idea of balance arcs and hooks helps balance PC-specific conflict and also big-picture/team wide conflict.

Thanks tangent42!

That is what i was hoping to hear. Will be picking up the PDF and I will also buy the books when they come out.