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Just win already 4head Pepega

There should be an arc focused on romance based on the current characters in Season 5

Court of swords should have a doomsday clock that counts down from 5 years to the end of the world.

Scenario 1 : An invasion of orc vikings

Scenario 2 : The awakening of the time god (Cthulhu) which is a threat that must be immediately dealt with or the underground kingdom of court of Wands will be obliterated by star spawns/insanity.

Side Lore : Introduction of the secret underground kingdom of court of Wands that extensively spans across the globe.

How this kingdom came to be is unknown , roll 2 history crits on a live stream to receive an email from me containing the secrets of the secret society of magic that created this kingdom.

Secondly CoS should release their first DLC which should be called Worlds apart???

In this DLC our 5 protagonists are faced against a wounded Persnidgetron who escapes through a worm portal that unfortunately implodes causing a crack in time. The world becomes corrupted by other worlds beyond . One of the main villains of this DLC is Yancy from Far Verona and Adult Clarence from Oddballs.

Mechanical updates :

1 In this health update we will be bringing new interactions with NPCs
A: NPCs who are traveling as a companion/pet in the party will have a progressive xp bar
B: Companions/pets can now be absorbed by player characters into jade statues like in Kung Fu panda

2 There will now be a fifth player which will always be a guest character.
3 When joining an ongoing battle , player will be placed after whoever’s turn it was of the initiative order.
4 Hunger/thirst penalties have been reduced.

Also game masters should encourage the use of twitch language when conversing with the players.
e.g Don’t ban me monkas

Ramus Krill is bald.

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What did I just read?

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The future of rollplay D&D.