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Looking to get back into Rollplay

(Overshadowedone) #1

I watched rollplay for a long time but fell off. I am looking to get back into court of swords, but the last thing I remember was the party getting a little girl out of a ruined area of the city and sitting in the administrators office. Can anyone point me to the right episode?

(Twitch: eyearcana) #2

Assuming that you’re referring to Maud and not Thuy you should have stopped at episode 77 or 78.

(Overshadowedone) #3

I think it was the reincarnation of Azure Vortex, but not sure. DIdnt speak common.

(Luclazy) #4

That was Maud, so yeah, boostgeek is right, roughly 77/78 is where you were.

(Overshadowedone) #5

Perfect, thank you both.

(Twitch: ZacharyAaron) #6

It sounds more like you are at episode 65, actually. Shortly after the live show.