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[LIVE SHOW] Swan Song Live


(VyRe40) #102

Sure, I get that. But I suppose it is a lot easier to get that performance out of "untrained performers" exactly because of this medium's emotional investment. If Swan Song had just been a script and the crew was just reading their lines, I don't think they'd be able to deliver that performance unless they were actors.

(Holmies) #103

When are the mp3s going up or are they only going up for the classics tier

(Twitch: baron_netic) #104

Watching the vods on youtube right now. It feels good to laugh like this again :smiley:

(Kol_Saresk) #105

@AdamKoebel So if I remember correctly, Majid was ran by the Mandarinate. And the Mandarinate was pretty much like the extraterritorial megacorporations of Shadowrun. So was the takeover by the Syndicate peaceful? Like, are there just former disgruntled Mandarinates just running around trying to undermine the Syndicate, or was the takeover so complete that it was just a change of label for the government?

(Macaluso100) #106

@AdamKoebel do you plan on ever talking about the timeline stuff in more detail? We missed out on that with Randy and I'd really like to hear all that is/was going on with that. It sounds like the crew, especially Piani & the crystals, really damaged the hell out of the timelines/dimensions and I'd love for you to go more in depth. I know you don't want to give any real answer about the ending but there are things in your universe that I feel most people would like more info about. A WoW Chronicles but for Swan Song if you will

(CarricArkon) #107

Couple of questions.

  1. Was 117 a very on the nose reference to Halo and how Pi was alone for years just like Cortana in Halo 4?

  2. Is this the start to a continuing show that's going to be weekly or was it just a one off

(banned) #108

He liked the sound of the resulting year.

(twitchvodder_watcher) #109

Is a VoD of the mentioned catch up video ( available and if so where (Twitch VoD, YouTube, Patreon/Vimeo)?

(Might be Captain Marvel) #110

^ catch up video is in this tweet

(Kol_Saresk) #111

@AdamKoebel Did any new factions pop up during the 117 years? Any chance we can read about them in the gmzine?

(The_MarkGenesis) #112

@AdamKoebel Will we ever see another series, either in the past, the future, or during the 117 year gap that is in this universe? Even if it is all new characters, I can't help but to want more from this universe.

In my mind, a mini series thats the rise of the rebellion that takes place after the Swan Song's disappearance would be really interesting. But there are so many other possibilities that would be great.

(AdamKoebel) #113

Probably, but I didn't really think about them - I didn't want the show to introduce anything new, you know? Wanted to focus on the changes to what we already understood. If we ever did a Swan Song the Next Generation I'd probably keep one or two factions and then make a bunch of new ones.

(Samuraiking75) #114

How much of the backstory did you fill Matt in on before the show and during breaks when things would come up during play?

I thought he did an amazing job of feeling like part of the group and taking some of the elements that he may not have been fully aware of and running with them. The whole show was a blast and I want to say thanks to the entire cast and production crew for an awesome job!

(Jewbobicus) #115

I think that was the moment that hit many of us. That made the 117 year jump real. There was so much emotion packed into such a small moment but it let us deal with the reality that something has changed, and everyone is gone.

(KillerTalon) #116

@AdamKoebel, how long did it take you to do the faction turns for 117 years? haha

Seriously, though, you and the rest of the cast did a fantastic job of basically encapsulating the entire feel of the series in one 8 hour final episode. It was an amazing capstone to, in my opinion, the best Rollplay show, and one of the best pieces of sci-fi media, period.

Great job, and thank you guys so much for Rollplay and Swan Song.

(Olf_Himself) #117

Great, now I want that too.

(BleuSuns) #118

I've no new comments, just wanted to thank every one of you from JP himself to Aureylian who designed that beautiful set. All of you were amazing.

(drakehutner) #119

After I was unable to catch the show live, I had to wait for the VoDs. Waiting was never so hard. Your break cliffhangers are on point ^^

Rarely a good story resonates with me in way that leaves me speechless after it ends. In those cases I just sit and think. Not switching to a different video, not turning on any music; Just silence - and thoughts. This was such a story. I'm thinking about was has been said and what has happend. I'm thinking on the questions and what possible implications they result in. In a way I feel enlightened.

Thank you Adam for posing those final questions. Thank you for creating Asgard Sigma with all its wonders. And thank you JP, wheat, Geoff and Matt (and also Steven) for filling the sector with life. It was an unforgettable journey.

What's left is nostalgia and the litte spark of hope for The Next Generation (and maybe even Deep Sigma Nine)

(Kol_Saresk) #120

Maybe even Voyeur. Because the puns there can go places. :joy: :joy: :joy:

(pepryce) #121

@AdamKoebel @itmeJP @iNcontroLTV @djWHEAT Just got done with the YouTube VODs - felt so good to watch and was hooked from beginning to end :slight_smile: awesome job.

(On a side note, the writer in me now wants to have a delve into the last 117 years in a potentially parallel Asgard Sigma- maybe one day!)

Main reason for the post - and Matt Mercer touched on it in his shoutouts- there was SO much content in this world that it would have been easy to just have him there to fill the fourth spot, but that didn't happen.

I think it speaks volumes to him as a role player, the rest of the cast and to Adam for enveloping Matt in the entire show as if he had been there for the previous 50 episodes.

@AdamKoebel how much prep time did you have with Matt and, given time restraints, how much of the lore were you able to bring him up to speed with?