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List View For Schedule

Hey I would love to see a list view option for the schedule like the day view from the google calendar app.

It looks like this - Google Calendar App

I made a really quick mockup of what it might look like with some of the already made site assets.

Just something I think would look cool and be much more functional instead of a big date calendar.


Any additional development needs to be budget out so it’s unlikely that it will happen at this point. However this isn’t a bad idea but just unlikely that it will happen at this point. Bug fixes are still a go of course.


That is really too bad :confused: oh well. Hopefully site changed will be open in the future then.

Might want to edit the discription for this forum if your only looking for feedback on bugs though.

Site Feedback
Let us know if there’s something you can’t find or don’t really understand or if there’s features that you would want to see here.

The description is for the community pages. People have used it as feedback for the main site as well, and I’m not against that and a lot of bugs have been fixed and some features have been added. Still, it’s always a matter of time and money no matter how you look at it. I’m just being transparent with the decisions. We could do the opposite and not say anything but that would be a bad idea.

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