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Link to RollPlay Shop

Maybe it’s a good idea to put a link to the new RollPlay store on in the top menu bar.

Just an idea ^^.


would a shopping cart work?
Not really enough space to add in more text.

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Maybe a shirt icon with Store in small text under it?(if that even looks good)

A shopping cart is a pretty useful symbol but usually it means “things you are wanting to purchase, but haven’t purchased yet.”

Boeiee’s idea of a shirt icon might be better for store symbol I think. Doesn’t really need text I think.

My pro design skills at work, Something like this ?

but than ofcourse, Something properly designed.


True. But at the same time the store isn’t only t-shirts. It’s posters as well. :thinking:

I better watch out so you don’t steal my job :itmejpwtf:

At the moment I’m using to pull in the icon set in the menu. Could create our own but would take a longer to add.

Yeah, not really sure which icon to use there. On the hand, a sirt symbol I feel like would just be simple enough because a lot of people are used to looking for the shirts, and then they can just be pleasantly surprised by everything else, and those who know better, know better.

Looking through the list, I don’t really see something that screams “store” without having the need to be labeled.

Maybe the money icon they have? I just feel like that might get misinterpreted as “donate/sub here”.

True. Will probably end up doing something custom eventually. However right now the plate is pretty full with a few projects that needs to get done pretty fast. Gotta focus on those first.

Feel free to remind me if I forget it.

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I had actually mentioned this in chat last week as I was watching the stream from the community site and JP mentioned scrolling down to the button below the stream to get to the store. I re-actively tried and immediately thought “oh yeah, that would be a good thing to add to this site”. A shopping cart or text would work in my opinion. I’m kinda glad, though, I’m not the only one to have this idea.

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you could replace all text by icons and have a mouseover tooltip text… like:

home - little house
schedule - calendar icon
community - maybe a simplified scroll, or speech balloons
patreon - they have a logo
shop - shopping cart

alternatively you could play around with font size and space in between “buttons”
or you add a second row?
or arrange the social buttons in a 4x4 grid and have them smaller? (shopping cart could be 4th “social” link, or patreon)
such a 4x4 grid could be next to the JP face logo thing…

Yeah that’s possible. Would have to create one of Patreon (even if they have one I still need to put it into a icon set). All that takes some time to get right so for now fontawesome until there’s time left over. I’ll try my best to get it going as soon as possible. :smile::itmejpgg:

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their official one… turn white and resize, 3 minute job :wink: (including booting a computer)

It has to made into a svg and put into a icon font set. That then needs to be put with the other ones that needs to be used. That then needs to be pulled in with code and not as a image.

The joys of web page design. Mostly the reason I took one look at it in high school and went “I don’t have this level of patience”. Which is why I appreciate every who does.

well, when you/someone get/s to it… there’s a link to an .svg file on this page:
(Original file, might as well link to the file directly)

maybe that shaves some time off of it :itmejphappy:

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