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Light Side ending?

Was the most recent BoP: Light Side the last one? It ended on a pretty heavy cliffhanger and there is no info about the next one.


We aren’t sure. We talked with the cast about it. I’m OK to run it for them, but majority voted that they don’t necessarily mind leaving it where it is.

Story wise, the two groups threads line up. I don’t necessarily think its going to happen, but I won’t rule it out till the cast is 100% OK with it not occurring.


Seems like such a shame to have done the entire series and being one episode away from it being truly completed. That said it has been a long time since the last session now, so it might just have been a bit too long to continue it now.

george lucas voice ’ it keeps repeating. its like poetry’

One of first jokes in ep 1 dark side was being hit by star destroyer from orbit. light side currently ends with everything around them being blown to shit by a star destroyer. If the cast want to leave it there the implied ending is fine with me.

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Maybe sometime in the future, they’ll start like a season 2/3 (depending on if the taris/felushia arks count as a season). so I wouldn’t rule out that even if they don’t want to continue it now, they may in the future.

Think of it like a Game of Thrones season ender. it leaves on a HUGE cliffhanger to get you hyped for the future.

I don’t understand this post. I don’t recall a promise being made for it to be broken.

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As I’m seeing this topic start to go off-topic either keep on-topic or locking this topic would be the next step. Start a new topic if it’s still a concern and if the discussion can follow the guidelines.

Indeed it was :smiley:
Alright the question have been answered (both of them I guess) so I’m locking this topic. As always if you think there’s more discussion to have feel free to start a new topic!