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LFP Stars without numbers

Hello everyone!

I am thinking of starting a weekly RP using the Stars Without Numbers system and I am looking for people who are interested in playing!

If you are interested in the system, it is the one used for RollPlay: Swansong, and the PDF is available for free online:

A little information:

  • Looking for about 4-5 players
  • No requirement in previous roleplaying experience, general enthusiasm is much more important.
  • No need for previous knowledge of the system, it’s appreciated but not necessary.
  • Language will be English
  • Roll20 will be used for rolling dice/audio
  • Time will be at about 19.00 CEST
  • Day of week not yet set, can be discussed

A little about myself:
I’m from Sweden, 22 years old and a sci-fi nerd. I’ve run this game before and I’ve also run D&D for a while. Been GMing for about 8-9 months in total.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions then just reply here or message me!


I’d so be up for this. How many people are you looking to get for it? I’ve watched the entirety of Swan Song and I’ve been kinda looking for a SwN campaign to play, but a lot of the ones on Roll20 either disappear after a few weeks or the time zone is just insane.

I’m from Ireland so timezone shouldn’t be an issue.

Hit me up!

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Awesome! I’m looking for around 4-5 players, depending on how many are interested

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I already am trying to get a DnD game running, but I would totally be interested to do more than one game.

I’m from Germany, currently studying. 25 years old, some experience with 5th edition, none with Stars without numbers. I’ve followed the Dark Side campaign on RollPlay, so some rudimentary knowledge of mechanics (like reaaally shallow) is present. My current schedule is pretty free when it comes to evenings, although Mondays and Wednesday would be more inconvenient (still possible though).

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Awesome that you are interested!

I think you might be confusing Swansong with Star Wars: Balance of Power though :stuck_out_tongue:
SWN is much more simple than Age of Rebellion/Edge of the Empire

Yup, totally confused the systems now that I’m reading it again. Watched parts of Swansong anyway, so there’s that :smiley:

Sure I would be up for some more RP and I loved Swansong. you can contact me through my steam account here

or my email

Awesome! I’ll send the roll20 link here on the forums though

I was thinking of having character creation tonight at 19.00 for those who can make it (if you want to do character creation with others) otherwise we can make them some other time, if you want to keep your character a secret :itmejpgmlol::itmejpgmright:

I could join character creation but I haven’t had time yet to read through all the rules. Got a rough idea of the background I want, but it would still take a while to get a grip on what I can purchase and skills etc.

No problems! If you have a concept in mind I can help with the system!

I’m afk for a sec longer, will be back shortly after 19:00.

Nevermind, I’m ready.


If I’m not too late I’d totally be up for this. Got some experience with PnP overall and been watching RolePlay for a while now, and wanting to get into a SWN Campaign
Located in Sweden, 28, Working/Studying.

Got a character concept ready that I was planning on using in a different campaign that fell apart.
Unfortunately I wont be available on Tuesdays/Thursdays but other times should be no issue unless something comes up.

Hello! Thanks for showing your interest in joining!
I am very sorry, but we are already a full group now. We might open up for a 5th player sometime soon though.
I’ll let you know then if you’re still interested :slight_smile:

Darn, I was too late after all. Thats cool though! If it opens up a spot I’ll definitively be interested :smiley: