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itmeJP Community

LFG! Looking to join a Role play group! (Very little experience)

Howdy everyone, i’m Zectorman. Long time lurker in the Itmejp community, mostly stick around for the RP but do enjoy some JP salt every now and then. I was hoping there were aspiring players and most importantly a person willing to GM/DM which ever system they choose (D&D, Dungeon World, Blades, etc etc)

Figured i would ask here. That way we all share something in common. A Love for this community. (I live in Texas so central time, hope for something similar for scheduling purposes but im flexible too)


Hey! I’m on the east coast (so eastern time), and more or less experienced running the first two of those games (no one to run blades for atm). I’m also pretty well versed in introducing new players to roleplaying games.

I dunno how any cross state group would fare with scheduling a game but if a group manages to figure something out that fits in my work schedule I’d be happy to step in as a GM for a game.


I would love to join a group :slight_smile:

East coast for me but it’s only a one hour difference from central time.

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