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[LF4P] 5e dnd - I am a DM who has the itch to play some dnd

The Point of it all: I’ve had several games wherein recently the other players/dms have seemed to just be slugging through the games we play waiting for some sort of mysterious force to suddenly make the games they are in resemble all the great stories we hear from others, and im tired of it. I just want to have a game where I can play games where everyone else is trying to have a good time playing the game.
​Time: I can run the game at any day of the week as long as it is after 6pm EST and I have a week or two to adjust my schedule
​Story: I want this to be a game that we create together, I’m not an author and I don’t want to flesh out a world by myself. In session zero I would want to talk about what kind of game/story we would want to play.
​Players: I don’t want to have to “Teach you how to play the game”, I am fine if you are new to TTRPGs but I don’t have fun being a teacher therefore I don’t want to have to do it
​The DM: I’ve run one longer running adventure and numerous one shots over time and have been using r20 for long enough that I can use it effectively enough. I rely on improv mainly for how my games go direction wise and like to figure it out later. I also love doing custom monster design, for basically every encounter you have after fifth lvl I kind of view the monster Manuel as extremely boring and mildly useless
​Side Notes: We would do all character creation and whatnot in session zero, I don’t do homebrew (printed books only), We would likely use discord for our communication and the ability to speak fluent english is a must.
​use this link to contact me if your interested, otherwise I may take a day or two to respond and I will notify everyone when we are no longer looking for people.


I gave the thread the TTRPG-LFG tag.

I would be interested, but I fear our schedules won’t line up. 6pm EST is midnight CEST - damn those timezones :itmejps::itmejpgmtpk: