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LF European DnD Group


(Illigithar) #1

Hey guys!

I'm looking to get into DnD and I saw people having an interest in getting some RollPlay community groups running so I thought I'll start a topic and see how it goes.

A bit more about me:
I'm from Germany and I haven't played lots of DnD. I joined a 5th edition game (and would like to play 5th again), but it was really inconvenient time wise and even though I participated in every session the group quickly broke up because of real life commitments on the DMs side.
I learned though that it is hard for me to keep to US timezones, especially because you mostly play in the evening after work and a session can take a long time.

So what I am looking for is one person to be the DM of the group (seeing that I have literally zero experience) and ~3 other people interested in having a weekly / bi-weekly session of DnD. Preferably European, although if somebody from the US or somewhere else maybe has a weird schedule and will regularly be able to join, why not?

Non-US groups seem to be hard to find on the internet (or maybe I'm looking in the wrong places) so here's hoping I'll have more luck with the RollPlay community!

Have a nice day ya'll!

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #2

Ask me around January and i'd love to join. But november and december as hectic for me as everyone in my circles seems to be born those months, and theres X-mas, and there's dutch X-mas, and a small vacation planned.

So yeah, it would be fun to join, im from the Netherlands so timezones aren't an issue, but i don't think i can guarantee a weekly session in nov/dec.

(Karamor) #3

Bist nicht zufällig in Berlin?

(Illigithar) #4

Ne, sorry. Nordrhein-Westfalen.

(Illigithar) #5

That already sounds good, I wouldn't mind waiting till january. Gotta see if we could get some other people to join till january.

(ProxyClouds) #6

I wouldn't mind joining for some DnD. I'm from Sweden.

Be warned tho, I need to travel some times with work so I might have to skip a session from time to time.

(Illigithar) #7

I'd be alright with that as long as it's not too often (say you miss every other session, that'd be too much for me).

(ProxyClouds) #8

I'd be alright with that as long as it's not too often (say you miss every other session, that'd be too much for me).

I doubt it would be that much, but if we can find a good date and time that we do regularly I would be able to tell if I'm away or not weeks in advance. :itmejpfisting:

(FlippoManiacs) #9

I am intersted, but i never played D&D before. I am from Germany as well.

(SlaveZeroO) #10

I am also interested and I have never played any Roll Play game. =)
P.S. I'm from Croatia

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #11

That's fine, Gotta try it out at one point right?
And i assume you watch rollplays, so you probably know most of the basics already :slight_smile:

(Illigithar) #12

Well, getting enough players doesn't seem to be a problem.

If we find somebody willing to GM this show could get on the road!

(Paul Robinson) #13

Is this something that has been arranged yet? I know someone who DM's and I wouldn't mind joining another DnD group. Both participants are from the UK

(ProxyClouds) #14

I would love to join in if you need one more player? From Sweden.

(Twitch: no742617000027) #15

Am also interested (to be a player), from Germany :>

(Illigithar) #16

I didn't think there would still be replies here. I found a group of players to play with and we have a discord set up where sessions get organized (different GMs, different rule sets -> not only DnD, but SwN, Apocalypse World). Some Europeans, some US/Canadia. If ya'll are still interested I can ask if I could invite you to the discord.

(Thrawnmich) #17

I am currently based in East Germany. I can GM D&D 5e, Fate Accelerated, and/or Blades in the Dark (Comfort level in the order presented.)

The only draw back at the moment is I will be away for the entire month of August. After that I can commit to something that has a regular schedule