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LF European DnD Group

Hey guys!

I’m looking to get into DnD and I saw people having an interest in getting some RollPlay community groups running so I thought I’ll start a topic and see how it goes.

A bit more about me:
I’m from Germany and I haven’t played lots of DnD. I joined a 5th edition game (and would like to play 5th again), but it was really inconvenient time wise and even though I participated in every session the group quickly broke up because of real life commitments on the DMs side.
I learned though that it is hard for me to keep to US timezones, especially because you mostly play in the evening after work and a session can take a long time.

So what I am looking for is one person to be the DM of the group (seeing that I have literally zero experience) and ~3 other people interested in having a weekly / bi-weekly session of DnD. Preferably European, although if somebody from the US or somewhere else maybe has a weird schedule and will regularly be able to join, why not?

Non-US groups seem to be hard to find on the internet (or maybe I’m looking in the wrong places) so here’s hoping I’ll have more luck with the RollPlay community!

Have a nice day ya’ll!


Ask me around January and i’d love to join. But november and december as hectic for me as everyone in my circles seems to be born those months, and theres X-mas, and there’s dutch X-mas, and a small vacation planned.

So yeah, it would be fun to join, im from the Netherlands so timezones aren’t an issue, but i don’t think i can guarantee a weekly session in nov/dec.

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Bist nicht zufällig in Berlin?

Ne, sorry. Nordrhein-Westfalen.

That already sounds good, I wouldn’t mind waiting till january. Gotta see if we could get some other people to join till january.

I wouldn’t mind joining for some DnD. I’m from Sweden.

Be warned tho, I need to travel some times with work so I might have to skip a session from time to time.

I’d be alright with that as long as it’s not too often (say you miss every other session, that’d be too much for me).

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I’d be alright with that as long as it’s not too often (say you miss every other session, that’d be too much for me).

I doubt it would be that much, but if we can find a good date and time that we do regularly I would be able to tell if I’m away or not weeks in advance. :itmejpfisting:

I am intersted, but i never played D&D before. I am from Germany as well.

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I am also interested and I have never played any Roll Play game. =)
P.S. I’m from Croatia

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That’s fine, Gotta try it out at one point right?
And i assume you watch rollplays, so you probably know most of the basics already :slight_smile:

Well, getting enough players doesn’t seem to be a problem.

If we find somebody willing to GM this show could get on the road!

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Is this something that has been arranged yet? I know someone who DM’s and I wouldn’t mind joining another DnD group. Both participants are from the UK

I would love to join in if you need one more player? From Sweden.

Am also interested (to be a player), from Germany :>

I didn’t think there would still be replies here. I found a group of players to play with and we have a discord set up where sessions get organized (different GMs, different rule sets -> not only DnD, but SwN, Apocalypse World). Some Europeans, some US/Canadia. If ya’ll are still interested I can ask if I could invite you to the discord.

I am currently based in East Germany. I can GM D&D 5e, Fate Accelerated, and/or Blades in the Dark (Comfort level in the order presented.)

The only draw back at the moment is I will be away for the entire month of August. After that I can commit to something that has a regular schedule