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Lewd emotes and games what is ok show topic

(Eggowaffles) #1

Recently I had a client contact me and inform me that an emote I made for him 2 months ago, that was approved has now been rejected.

Reason given "Sniffing panties is too lewd. TOO LEWD."

The emote in question

The ideas behind it was a lewd guy in a mask.

  1. It's a mask like spider mans or spawn or blue beetle but lewd

  2. we do not know the state of said mask It could be fresh out of a box.

  3. Lewdness expression is from something off screen not from the mask but something the streamer says.

  4. Hes not sniffing they are just on his head sure breathing in will happen. Any line work around the nose are to show his face has dimension and Not to indicate sniffing which he is not doing.

  5. If he was to sniffing panties I would play up the sniffing. Bigger nose open the nostril. Action in an emotes is hard to get across, the action has to be clear to read on 28x28 pixel box that is hard to do.

  6. Seeing things that aren’t there much like how people see Jesus in toast. any sniffing you are perceiving are that of you own imagination and not in the original emote.

looks now he is spider man and shoot web in your eyes.

No time during the design process or client feed back did the words "Sniffing panties" come up. We knew it was a bit risky flying close to the sun but felt given other emotes or subject matter on twitch it would be fine.

The mixed message here is lewd games. They contain and show far more sexual innuendo, bikinis, underwear in HD but these games tend to be ok with twitch or are over looked but a 28x28 56x56 112x112 pixel emotes is what they choose to draw the line?

Game Examples


Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus

Gal Gun

Bayonetta, lollipop chainsaw, dead or alive and or xtreme beach volleyball

These games are far more sexual lewd show alot more pantie-filled lewdness then the emote I made

What should twitch police?

(Possibly Batman) #2

Interesting question. Here are my thoughts on the subject.

The difference between allowing more mature content via actual games and gameplay versus emotes is where the mature content will be seen.

For example if a streamer plays a 'lewd' game, it is only view-able on that specific channel. You have to accept adult content when you go to that channel before you can see anything (per Twitch rules). However, when it comes to emotes, those are usable on any part of twitch. Meaning even a younger child could see the emote in a highly moderated and 'clean' chat. This naturally comes with slightly more 'policing'.

While I fully understand you had no intention of making a panties sniffing emote, one could see why Twitch might think that. They need to err on the side of caution.

But I understand your frustration. Wish there was a better way for them to do this.

(Eggowaffles) #3

Gonna be honest I never considered it being uses in any other channels but my clients while it is a very valid point Its something that wouldn't enter my head unless the client brought it up.

With said should Twitch give users more control over what emotes can be spammed in that owners channel. Like a only "My emote" option

I also have to address false narration These are Geers lewd emotes I'll use him as he is employed by twitch.

I could say they are getting molested by tentacles or growing them or maybe they are half squid people

It could be his/her own pair on his head or they stole someones pair

We have that old saying a picture is worth 1000 words but what those words are will vary from person to person.

(Samstein_) #4

Ok. So first of all to me its obvious that the "mask" are a pair of panties, it woulnt make sense that the person is blushing, as a lewd emote, unless theres more pictures of the masked person conveying other emotions.

Second of all, Twitch must be "political correct" since its their company that allows what emotes are being used. The same goes to text massages on phones and we have seen exampels of how they have censured for political correctness. While I understand the logic I cant admit that I approve it in all standards.

And last, Geersart is surely treated better simply because he is Twitch Employee and to "ban" some of his emotes would reflect badly on Twitch itself. IF there ever came enough complaints they probably wouldnt mention anything about it, just replace the emotes.

PS: I think alot of emotes are reviewed and replaced all over Twitch. Its for everyone and you cant predict what people get offended by. (Peaches and Aubergines hahhahahaha)

(Eggowaffles) #5

So on one hand twitch must be "political correct" but on the other they can hold staff different standard. That's not how it should work.

The clients is partners. Geer works for twitch but he is also partnered. Partnership allows feature to be used on twitch like emote working for twitch does not allow a person to be an exception to the same rule and guidelines of broadcasters.

In this case Twitch staffs should be held at an higher standard then a partnered broad caster as they are the a direct example of moral and ideals of the company. Like how stores have dress codes to preventing staff from have shirt with political or offensive material.

My client and Geer both agreed to the same TOS to use twitch as an broadcasting platform .

Twitch does not have to be political correct and can choose to enforce what and anything they want. But that gives off the wrong message.

Yes the same avatar is used to show different ideas or concepts. Like most people who have one you tend to play a dress up game with them to get the ideas across.

"mask" are a pair of panties, sure they look like panties. But like I showed if colored red it gives off a different feel.

Mask 1.a covering for all or part of the face, worn as a disguise, or to amuse or terrify other people.
Pantie1. a woman's or child's undergarment covering the lower trunk and made with closed crotch

I'd agree in this case they are one and same. What I dispute is the reason behind the removal. The act of sniffing. Maybe the guy just like clothing on his head in a non sexual way.

Look I really don't want to make this about Geersart. I just picked him as he has lewd emotes and did the example art in the "Emote Review and Recent Scuttlebutt" post so it is a huge mixed message. I like him and his work it's nothing personal.

To clear up a few things I'm not asking or looking for Twitch to unban the emote I made. Like I said I played close to the sun but I'll defending my work like anything else I put.

What I'd like is Twitch to review the guideline to better and fairly enforce them. I have no problem with lewd stuff but some people do. So when you can play the above game but can't show a cats butt anus or a dude with panties on his head, Hell you can see real boob cleavage on twitch but I can't show it as an emote in glorious crystal clear pixel vision kappa then something is wrong.

Or a better solution is to allow the broadcaster to choose if their own channel can show "lewd" emotes I'm not talking hate speech or extreme sexual depictions but things like the above. Like how the agreement to chat works.

(Samstein_) #6

I don´t know how to quote you, but you say that you dispute the reason behind the removal, at the same time you´re not asking that the emote shouldn´t be removed...?

Like I said, there´s alot of emotes that gets removed. Some emotes are overlooked and some people get away with more than others, it´s just the way things are, it might not be fair, but that´s the world we live in.

Strictly cynical you can look at the value of people as forces, if one person is a huge force it takes alot more of smaller people to rise up against to get what they want. In every aspect of life, there exists value and morals and ethics are not worth more.

For example, person A creates more value for the company than person B, that means that *A gets away with doing more shit..

I could develop this further but I think you can catch what im getting at, some people get away with more, a big company tries to set a rule of standard but sometimes they can´t always abide by it, it´s dirty but thats normal and natural ways of bussiness politics.

EDIT: Also, what we see (basically everything) are defined by the eye of the beholder, even if you, the creator didn´t have the intent to depict a guy who is sniffing panties there are some people who can view it as that, to say that they are wrong is to claim they must have the same vision as you do. Unless the interpretation is completely off you can´t really argue what they see from the emote, you can clearly interpret the emote as the person sniffing panties with sexual intent...

(Eggowaffles) #7

Correct. I dispute the reason they removed it , Twitch also can stand their ground. Remember this emote and others got approved. Either they (the personal who approves) or someone else took a second look and took issue with It. I have no issue with that, but I have dispute it. The TOS is not optional. The aim here is to shed a light on the double standards In hopes they do a better job abiding to the rules they enforce and that they do it fairly. Not to roll over and say that is how it is, be happy you get anything at all.

And that's why people have to stand up and point out the hypocrisy (hope that the right word) of a situation. We agree to a TOS it says this is bad or this is ok. Either Twitch draws a line line on what is acceptable for everyone or why have TOS people agree to in the first place.

Its kind of like saying as an American the Right to a fair trial is optional and will be enforced at whim.

Not the best example I know but its all I got at the moment. We by using twitch as a broad casting platform all agree to the same rules. Regardless of how big big or small person is Unless some side deal that I'm unaware is is offered.

People can see what they want in art sure. But sometime as an creator we need to step up and say no your interpreting it all wrong. Maybe that's all on the creator for not making something clear maybe its on the individual person maybe they just smokes a lot weed. It's all subjective and that's my point if Twitch isn't willing to enforce things fairly maybe they should leave that individual channels and develop tool to support a channels ability to display lewd emotes or not.

Like having emotes be tagged sfw, nsfw. 18+ or lewd what every wording you want so that you can flag them as not usable in the channel

Twitches stance on lewd games
edit: Broadcasting Sexually Explicit, Adults-Only, or Other Prohibited Games
Nudity can't be a core focus or feature of the game in question, and modded nudity is disallowed in its entirety. Occurrences of in-game nudity are permitted, so long as you do not make them a primary focus of your broadcast and only spend as much time as needed in the area to progress the game's story.

Games rated Adults Only (AO) by the ESRB are not permitted for broadcast on Twitch. For a complete list of games that are explicitly prohibited, please refer to our List of Prohibited Games.

You can stream it just not emote it.

Now apply that to the emotes. Will the Lewd emote be the core focus of twitch chat? In my experience it only gets used when A. something lewd happens in game or B. The streamer has slip of the tongue or C. is being lewd