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Let's talk about Swan Song Live

I just finished watching Swan Song, what a great show. Somehow I was unable to get into it before. I really think this show had some of the best NPCs of RollPlay. Let’s talk a little bit about the live show.

What NPCs do you think we’ll see again?

What do we think Matt Mercer will play, will he play an existing NPC or a new character?

Will Geoff play Mr. Sicarian or Alpharius?

I hope we get to see Howard the Octopus or Doctor Loco. I wonder if we’ll get more back story in the Luminary. I think Matt Mercer will probably end up playing a new character and will probably go with a nerd type character expert. I’m hoping Geoff will be playing Mr. Sicarian.

What do you guys think? What are you excited for?

I personally hope Matt Mercer plays Randy, what a ride that would be.

Haha that would be funny.

I think Adam confirmed it would be a continuation of the story from episode 50, making a Randy appearance unlikely unless something REALLY weird happens.

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I would love to see more Brumpo Tungus personally, but I think Geoff will play Alpharius and Matt will play a new character much along the lines of what Steven’s characters were in the show. I’m most excited for more Pi though and Higgs. I joined the Rollplay community just as Swan Song ended it’s regular run and caught some of the Swan Song Stories episodes live. I’ve since gone back and listened to the entire show on MP3 and am currently watching it on JP’s YouTube. It’s my favorite Rollplay show for sure. I’d also love an appearance from Howard and some of the other amazing NPC’s. I’m so pumped for this live show, it can’t get here soon enough!

Honestly, although Brumpo Tungus was awesome, I think revisiting that identity on a substantial scale won’t do it justice.

I agree about him playing a new character, unless he’s an avid fan of Swan Song (I know he’s mentioned watching Rollplay before, but I wouldn’t guess he’d be a “chronic fan” like the rest of us). I do wonder what role he’d be playing, though… Swan Song always had its awkward crew members.

I’m guessing Rajani is likely to make a comeback, since she was something of a big deal as far as supporting characters behind Pi.

My money is on Geoff playing Sicarian.

I hope we see Luminary stuff, though I’d imagine Pi is gonna be a bigger focus for the live show, so there might not be a whole lot of room for Higgins’ “side-plot”.

Higgs was my favorite character. It was JP playing to his strengths and doing it with consistent hilarity, as well as surprisingly subtle depth. Many of my favorite dramatic moments are when Higgs has to be a hero, and no one ever really acknowledges him (one of my fave all-time episodes was when they had to crash-land and Higgs had to stay awake while everyone was in induced comas).

In some ways, Higgs is a more emotionally-interesting character than a lot of your other classic space rogues, at least for me. He’s not a wisecracking badass or a rogue with a heart of gold - no, Higgs is a straight-up selfish asshole and a nigh-comical failure of a human being that stumbles into success in the most fucked-up ways possible, but he still values the people and experiences around him even though he might be hard-pressed to admit it. And he’ll risk his life for those people and no one will notice.