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Kingdom Death: Monster? o3o


(Cerberouse) #1

So i was sitting around, listening to Office Hours with Adam, pondering the kind of tabletop game i'd like to develop if i ever had the motivation to do so when i realized that actually, the game i was thinking of was literally just Kingdom Death: Monster with a Civlization flavor slathered on! If you're not aware, Kingdom Death: Monster is a co-operative consistent table top game in which players inhabit the role of a single human in a ruthless, violent, incredibly dangerous world with aught to your name but a shard of sharp stone, a lantern and a loin cloth.

Players scramble to make their way to the first area and, for the rest of the game develop that area into a functional town; developing a language, culture, crafts and politics all while the rest of the merciless world swirls around them and pummels them as often as possible. Rather than having a consistent character who develops uniquely from everyone else, the vast majority of your characters strength comes from the community and the developments you and your party have managed to develop in your town.

I'm wondering if, with all the assets on Tabletop Simulator save (reasonably) the instructions, if there would be any chance of it possibly showing up on Rollplay, or the channel in general; at some point in the future. The singular cut in regards to the game is the price point, in my opinion; admittedly sitting at an (at least for me) untenable 400$ USD.

(Samstein_) #2

Hmmm :coolstorybob:

This really sounds like a salespitch more than anything else. :sweat_smile:

But I like the idea, kind of TRPG Sid Meiers Civ. Imagine this, in "The Expanse" universe, THAT would be sweeeet! :itmejpo:

(Might be Captain Marvel) #3

Moved to the RollPlay general category since its about table top rpgs :smiley:

(Rinion87) #4

The TTS mods aren't officially supported and one was even removed initially, but i think they stay up these days. Its an expensive game and people want to play it. There's a reprint Kickstarter at the end of the month, maybe discount on the main KD game but no idea.

As far as emulating the KD style, i suppose eventually you would go beyond the little town into more of a city, something the creator of Kingdom Death (also an Adam) tried to do but failed to make it work/be rewarding once you evolved from the small settlement scale. Though i'm sure if you designed for it for a more RP focused game it would be achievable.

Would mostly be a Monster Hunter X The West Marches, there's a WHOLE LOT of "Lumpkins" in Kingdom Death, i always want to ask Steven about it but never catch his streams. One unreleased monsters artwork is a tall spindly pregnant woman creature whose stomach is a mouth with a long tentacle-y penis-tongue that is actually a hive that shoots bees that look like faces. Go figure.

There's still some level of personal care for characters in KD:M, though. But its almost the same as West Marches once they built the monument for XP catchup. Personal power is a thing and indeed needed to kill some of the very tough monsters, but the settlement/town and gear you craft is more important really. But the combat is brutal and your monk you've had since Year 1 can fall into a ravine on the way back from hunting and die instantly. Its...very harsh.

(Cerberouse) #5

Yes yes, i can't wait for the re-print; though i doubt i'll have the money for the sadly! :open_mouth: If they DID make a virtual version, it'd fly off the Steam Shelves i'm certain! Something like Card Hunters; but more serious :stuck_out_tongue:

(Xence) #6

Turns out they not only made enough money, they raised over $12 million for it! This is the first i've heard of kingdom death: Monsters, I was wondering if Adam has had any experience with this game and his thoughts on it.