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Kickstarter Projects - Finding and sharing

(CompletelySwedish) #1

Greetings, fellow nerds!

A simple topic about kickstarter finds, chilling, and discussion.

Kickstarter can often be a swamp of never ending promises. The bad, the good, some mogwai, and the occational gnome wielding a bow far too big for him. So I thought, this being quite the diverse community of gamers (both of the physical and of the viritual) we could recommend a few to each other!

Recently I discovered a new project called Pixel Princess Blitz, by way of twitter, and thought it looked quite charming, and promising. I'm probably more weeb than I would admit, and I'm a big fan of roguelikes and top down brawlers, so this project speaks to me.

They are not far away from their goal, but have another 15 days to go before the deadline.

What ongoing projects have you guys found, that you find interesting and worth backing?

(Might be Captain Marvel) #2

Adding the banner saga 3 kickstarter to this thread in case want to back it.

I think in February the sequel to Sunless Sea (sunless skies I believe it's called) will be on Kickstarter as well.

Edit Feb 1:

(CompletelySwedish) #3

I missed the deadline for the kickstarter, but I am stocked to dive into the Fallen London universe again. Happy to see it got funded.