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JP's Shirt Idea



None of them are limited... I think it says so in the Tweet itself as well :stuck_out_tongue:

(boeiee) #22

They all have a 2/3 day timer for me too, And the balance of power posters have 1 day


Yes but they should reset at the end of that cycle. The BoP did a reset as well a few days ago.

(boeiee) #24

Ah okay awesome, Weird way to do it though


It's due to the built in feature in TeeSpring for campaigns. It's the same for all other TeeSpring stores as well.

(banned) #26

Look at this:

Look right under the Like and Heart.

It says limited edition...

The shirt doesn't.


Will look into it kid.

(banned) #28

Sorry if that came off as exasperated, I keep having people tell me the same thing over and over, I'd not be making a fuss about it if I hadn't done any research into it especially since I kept acknowledging what the tweet said.


No fuss kiddo. Been said from the start that the store things will stay on. The text was entered automatically.

(TheDesec) #30

If you talk like an old man, we will eventually call you "gramps", gramps.

(banned) #31

I don't know I'm taking it with a sarcastic tone instead of feeling talked down to lol.

(TheDesec) #32

I just imagine @TwitchSurgeon is making funny voices :stuck_out_tongue: maybe not a grampa, but a cowboy...


Howdy partna' :kissing_closed_eyes:
I just tend to give people names that I often interact with. I call JP some strange things on Skype at times.

(banned) #34

:itmejplewd: Trying out for that Rollplay: After Dark?

Honestly it'd be funny if they made a show called that and just played World of Darkness or something.