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JP, can you please post your podcast on iTunes/Google Play?

Can you please post your podcast on iTunes and Google Play? Or even better, have someone else do it?

Once the podcast as been setup on these platforms, people can just put the podcast on their favorite podcast app via a RSS feed.

It’s time. Borden the audience, please. Without a doubt, you can even get new fans for you ( @itmeJP ), @Ezekiel_III and CohhCarnage streams as well. New fans that probably didn’t know about you or Twitch. The community wants to listen to the podcast on the go, offline and more. No one wants to download the MP3 from a random site. It’s a win, win.

For the community.

I think it costs money right ?

It’s actually free. -


Google Play:

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As you might have heard on past Dropped Frames. We are working on getting this done.
To give you an update:

  • We have a host in mind. We got the ok for our last question.
  • We’re figuring out the best way to archive EVERY episode with said host.
  • Might still take a while to go through and check so all the metadata is attached to each episode.
  • In total it’s ~16GB.
  • The aim is both iTunes (+ any RSS feed reader) and Spotify.
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