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ItmeJplease no more Greenscreens in CoS?


(Piaggo) #1

Hi guys, first sorry for my bad english - it's not my first language.
Second i really love the show, so please forgive me if this comes accross as a rant - it's not!
(Maybe this has been discusses before, if so just ignore me)

I'm just wondering, why does JP not give the members of the cast with a greenscreen a colored background like he does in Dropped Frames?
I really find it annoying with the bright green screens behind now 3 of the 5 members of the cast and i prefer to see some real background (Like JPs awesome Starwars wall and Adams bookshelf) . Ofc that's not always possible, but some other color inline with the rest of the overlay would be nice.

Anyone else who sees it that way?

(AdamKoebel) #2

for me, the greenscreen is actually new, and I tend to take it down for non-game streams, but I put it up to record something and totally forgot it was there :itmejpfml:

i know dan's is a painted wall, so, you know, less easy to move.

(Moose2033) #3

I thought Dan was a fairly big guy, tell him to stretch, flex and move that wall. :adamwizard:

(Noelle808) #4

I agree. It's a totally minor thing, but keying in better looking backgrounds would be a nice visual improvement.

Of course, I'm really not familiar with their setup so there might be some technical difficulties that makes it not worth it.

(ProxyClouds) #5

I can't say it bothers me but I agree that it would be nice with something else then green screen as that colour is not to nice to look at.

(Piaggo) #6

That's why i was hoping that he could put a color more inline with the Overlay (like purple maybe?) with the broadcasting software over the green color. I've seen him changing the greenscreen-color in one of the latest dropped frames episodes basically on the fly, after he realised he forgot to do it for that scene for the guest.

(Ricdarn) #7

Well, getting rid of the greenscreens would improve the already high production value even further, i think.


I made two versions of backdrops. But as others have pointed out there might be other technical issues that are in the way. So this is something that JP have put thought behind and if it's something that he's just forgotten about (it happens dude has a lot going on) this topic might make him remember.

(It's Alive, It's Alive, IT'S ALIVE!!!!) #9

Sounds like a cop-out to me. Come on Dan, Move that wall.

Or you know he could just repaint it every time he is on a show. :wink:

(Twistedgerm) #10

Dan could even stream the painting in the creative section! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Kol_Saresk) #11

"And today, I need a techno-noir background, so we'll be painting scyscrapers. So we'll be painting these lines and - shit. Well, we're going to have some birds on these skyscrapers. They can be cyber-pigeons. Yeah, no mistakes here, just cyber-pigeons."

(AdamKoebel) #12

a happy little pidge

(crowly_) #13

The green screen is not pleasant to look at (this goes for all the shows), and i CoS i find it a bit worse because of the yellow border around each cast member, those two colors doesn't go well together imo.

If there isn't a background made to fit with the overlay, just use a random image of a room or something.

(Kol_Saresk) #14

Well, speaking as someone who listens to the MP3, no worries about the greenscreen there. So perhaps just listen to it in a different tab while doing something else so you don't have to look at the greenscreen?

(destraudo) #15

You know things are going well when this is the top of the list of issues. XD

(crowly_) #16

I watch on my media center + tv, not in a browser. While I mostly listen, when I do watch, since the players body language / expressions adds to the overall experience, it's nice to not have to look at/be distracted by unpleasant colors.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #17

They should use the greenscreen but project the character art on them.

(ProxyClouds) #18

@AdamKoebel I personally prefer your book case as a backdrop in the rollplay shows. Makes you look more "GMi".

(It's Alive, It's Alive, IT'S ALIVE!!!!) #19

GOD DAM IT @Kol_Saresk You managed have summoned Bob Ross. He is taking over Twitch yet again. I thought he had dealt with the menace last year, But no... there you go summoning him... Oh well time to beat the devil out of him again.

(Kol_Saresk) #20

:grin: What can I say, I'm a magic man. And now I have Heart stuck in my head.