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itmeJP in 2017: An Infographic by Daniel the Graphics Guy

(VyRe40) #1


That’s over 18 days of Rollplay (though you could probably trim it down with some fancy math to cut out breaks and pre-show stuff)!

(Twitch: cyan_83) #2

It’s great to hear that the channel is doing so well, who would have thought like 5 years ago that roleplaying streaming would do so well. Great job JP!!!

Personally, 2017 was the year I watched the least amount of Rollplay shows (I watched the very first original episode with Neal and gang, and have been loyal since), I just am not a fan of the show line up of the past year (RIP my all time favorite Swan Song). But I am sure there will be something for me in the future, I love what JP, Adam and co do <3