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Incredible worldbuilding material!

So, basically, even though LoL has some very random worldbuilding, this particular new video was extremely interesting to watch, especially the start, the ideas that they came up with were just fascinating.
Take a look and tell me your thoughts:

There’s a lot of great art there, and I’m sure the people behind the lore have plenty of cool ideas. But League being what it is, there’s a lack of substance. Fans have near-zero engagement with the lore outside of the rare cool animation. It’s a “world” without actually being a world, just a dream of a concept to make an excuse for the fictional positioning of the game. Ultimately, all this amounts to is concept work for a thing that doesn’t exist - which I see all the time when I’m casually browsing through hundreds of artists on artstation or reading short stories on some of the creative fiction communities around the internet.

I’ve said for a long time that Riot should make an actual show in the vein of something like Pokemon. They’d make a ton of money and there’d be lots of cross-pollination of markets - kids watching the cartoon/anime becoming fans of the property, buying the merch, then getting into the game, while the gamer base dives into the show. It just has to be fun fan service, and it’d be a huge success. There’s plenty of “invisible” story there waiting in the wings that would make for great material.

Yeah, at one point I followed the lore but they kept changing it so I didn’t bother, the overall lore of League is a trainwreck but from time to time they do have some moments of enlightenment that later just fade. Overall at this point they should indeed just hire some good artists and directors and make a proper show or lore.