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Idea for Persnidgetron Torbidgers' cosplay


(TheDesec) #1

So, I believe it was on the RollPlay Patreon Talk #1, it was mentioned, that cosplays are hard.

Here are my 2 cents on how to do Snidges:

  • Sean wears all black clothes (or a green screen suit?)
  • Paint his face a little
  • Give him a silly hat
  • You pin baby clothing to his shirt/sweater

This would be the all-out version (2 people):

(Jjinxy) #2

While it is good for a comedy act imagine doing this for 8 hours. Plus it would totally disrupt the whole set.

If I'm being honest I'm totally fine if they ditch the cosplay here. We don't even know if the characters will live to see the live show and to do cosplay last minute because your character died last episode is not ideal. Hell, we don't even know if they'll last during the live show. And I'm saying this as a Parteon pledge. I will be happy if they focus on making the show better (not saying the first one wasn't great!) rather then dressing up right now. OR just keep it very simple with few token items like a helmet for Gassy, Robin Hood cap for Sean, something furry for JP, sun pendant for Dan.

I see proper cosplaying more viable if we have Blades live show or even one of the one shots like Masks, doing non-humans really is hard.

(TheDesec) #3

The video is not what I want them to do, that would be "the all-out version (2 people)".

A black shirt with baby clothes, or cut out fabric pieces pinned to it, are very much doable and low budget!

(Broxalar) #4

You know, I wonder if for future live shows of court, if just having an icon of each class available for the costume (I.e. Shillelagh for Druid, Two hand Axe/Sword Barb, Holy symbol for a cleric and what not). It's something that is a bit less complicated but easier to mix and match with wipes during a show if it happens early enough or quick replacements. Just a thought!