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[ICYMI] NEWS : Older Teespring shirts have been added permanently to the store


(Might be Captain Marvel) #1

Store link:

Shirts available are from the following shows:

  • Swan Song
  • Blades
  • West Marches
  • Mirrorshades (Bomb Threat)
  • Balance of Power (Dark and Light side)
  • Nebula Jazz
  • The Tarot Court of Swords shirt designs (Green and Red version)

Also available are the Balance of Power Dark side team poster and the CoS Tarot poster designs.

Now you can get all the older shirts you may or may not have missed at any time you want without worrying about missing out.

this is a double post from the RollPlay News thread

(Karamor) #2

That's quite awesome.

Thanks @itmeJP and whoever's helping him with the store stuff.