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Humble RPG Book Bundle "WARHAMMER"

Since I’ve pointed out RPG related Humblebundles in the past… here we go:

  • $1 tier contains the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition Core Rulebook and 3 adventures/dungeons/“I don’t know”*.
  • $8 tier contains the above and 5 more adventures/dungeons/“I don’t know”*.
  • $15 tier contains the above and 10 more adventures/dungeons/“I don’t know”*.
  • $20 tier contains the above, the 1st Edition Rulebook and 7 more adventures/dungeons/“I don’t know”* **.

*= Books
Edit: **= Sorry hadn’t noticed the 4th ($20) tier. I was used to those bundles having 3 tiers! Oops.

I have no clue if Warhammer Fantasy RPG is any good.
Edit: @Mardymarve has clues! Read the first comment for details!

The bundle will be live until Wed, 09.27.17 2pm EDT (14 days-ish).

WFRP 2e is one of my favourite games with solid rules, great flavour and really nice looking books. My personal highlight of the game is how awful PC’s are at the start - you could easily have a party consisting of a rat catcher, a beggar, a bone picker and a jailer - its a nice gritty feeling game where combat is pretty deadly so finding other solutions and using your skills is very important.

The $1 bundle is actually insane. Core rules and the first two parts of a decent campaign (ashes and spires) and a collection of shorter adventures you can drop in. Well worth dropping basically no money at all on, for potentially hundreds of hours of play or even just robbing ideas from.

The $8 bundle is the third part of the mega-campaign (forges), the brettonian sourcebook (arthurian french knight and peasant fantasy) and an adventure in that land (knights of the grail and barony of the damned), a dwarf hold sourcebook and adventure (karak azgal) and a sourcebook/freeform-sandboxy adventure (talabheim).

the $15 bundle is basically pretty much every other book for the game, including expanded magic, rules for playing as skaven. Each sourcebook generally contains either a full adventure or meaty ideas for more as well, so they are worth picking up.

Also, the 20 buck bundle is literally every book you would ever want - more divine magic, more chaos, ANOTHER mega campaign (9 or so adventures long, taking you from peasant to hero of the empire). ALSO includes the 1st ed rulebook which is nice to read and see the changes in the world and system from then to now.

There’s a couple of books here that I don’t own, so i’m going to pick this up myself. Well worth $20 for like 3 books that I don’t think you can get elsewhere.

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I wonder if they’ll ever do RPGs for Age of Sigmar. It’s a shame about the End Times, and I feel like AoS doesn’t have the right setting “feeling” for RPG content.

I actually didn’t notice the $20 tier, since I didn’t scroll further. Those bundles usually have 3 tiers. :itmejplol:

Nice explanation of the tiers, thank you! :itmejpgg:

I get the feeling that they will use the same base system, but the AoS one will be to classic like… what Exalted is to World of Darkness - super powered high fantasy rather than gritty grimdark fantasy.

Not a bad thing, but i’d like to see it before i pass judgement.

I have owned the core book, the scaven book and the bestiary for ages but never played it. Love the rules and the world and i’m longing to play a game but can’t find a party.

I bought this ($20) and will excitedly comb through it for inspiration and maybe (hopefully) I’ll get the chance to play it sometime.