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Humble Book Bundle: The Horus Heresy


(TheDesec) #1

The other bundles I posted were TTRPG book bundles. This is not. This is a lot of Warhammer 40.000 lore about and around the Horus Heresy.

Since there was a show (RollPlay: Dark Heresy) based on that setting, I thought someone might be interested.

The bundle has 7 days left. It has a $1, an $8 and a $15 tier.

(VyRe40) #3

You can always just ask for the other 20 or so books in the Horus Heresy series. :itmejphappy:

(VyRe40) #4

For anyone looking to jump into Warhammer 40k lore, it should be noted that all of the Horus Heresy stories are prequels to the current setting (the setting of Dark Heresy, for instance). Where 40k takes place in the 41st millennium, HH takes place in the 31st - it lays the foundation for why the galaxy turned into such a hellhole for 10,000 years.

(banned) #5

Just jumping off here.

After The Horus Heresy you can pick up The Beast series.

And if you want current lore The Gathering Storm is what you want.