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Hero Forge CoS Character Miniatures

(akukaze) #1


Saw the Heroforge link from DragyDevi earlier, got to playin' around, and ended up making the CoS characters. Was a little too amused with myself and my "creations" to keep em to myself - so here ya go. I think Gideon was the hardest to "get". If anyone can do better than I did - then by all means! I wouldn't mind seeing another take on the character.

And - Pipe dream - I think it'd be pretty cool if the cast got miniatures, and had Geoffs guy (the guy who painted his Titan) get em all painted for the live show... just sayin'.

(Twitch: PerilousPlanet) #2

Damn these are awesome! I had never heard of this Heroforge until now, definitely going to check it out. This is sweet, might make one for my current D&D character. Although, doing so will most likely signal my imminent demise. Hmm.

(DragyDevi) #3

I was really surprised by the number of options Hero Forge offered. A friend of mine got a few characters for her D&D Campaign and they turned out really nice. I highly recommend the site.

(Twitch: PerilousPlanet) #4

Did your friend go with the premium plastic or the standard? Just curious what the details were like on the models.