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Help picking a system


(Lordwolf2) #1

So i wanted to run a rpg with a setting im still tinkering with. The main point of it is having elements of sci fi and mysticism, kinda like old folk lore combined with space. atm i cannot think of a rpg that would work in a setting like that any suggestions? if anyone cares to know more or needs any more info about the setting before giving a suggestion i can let ya know.

(Werevark) #2

Sci-fi and mysticism sounds like a slightly altered Shadowrun. SR asks a lot of questions about society, the rate of technological improvement, and the cost in humanity of capitalist investment that sounds like it could fit quite well.

As for a system…Both Shadowrun 5e and 1e have serious issues, but are readily available on Drivethrurpg. If you instead look for the Blades in the Dark Shadowrun hack, I think that may fit right in. I’d say that if your players are crunchy, Shadowrun rules cater to that. If your players aren’t as into mechanical focus, the Blades Shadowrun hack is great, as is a slightly reskinned Stars Without Number.

(Lordwolf2) #3

Thank you for the suggestions, its close to what i want but not fully there. Mainly because I don’t feel like most of the systems fit, teams and mega corps type deal. Now this maybe that i’m using the term mysticism wrong and i apologize if i did. Wanted more of a feel like old type folklore, like the woods are a dark place at night filled with strange dangerous yet positively beautiful things but in space. Might just go with SWN but not really sure on the deadliness of the system, it also maybe that i have still much to learn about game mastering and i am just overthinking this.

(TheDesec) #4

I mean… pick any ruleset/system you’re comfy with that provides the type of tech you desire (I’m pretty sure there are sci-fi hacks for D&D5e or @AdamKoebel’s multi award winning tabletop roleplaying game “Dungeon World” featuring Sage LaTorra even). Then make up a world in your mind and ask your friends what they’d want in such a setting. TTRPGs are make-believe with friends. You could also just mix and pick partial systems, like space travel from SWN and for other parts you could use skills, moves, compels and aspects from Fate Core or Fate Accelerated (Nebula Jazz). Just make them believe. You make the rules.

You’re in a dark forest now. There are werewolves at night. Some maniac mad scientist who lives in the technodrome in the middle of that forest gave the werewolves cybernetic enhancements. Some think he wanted to help them stay human, others know he did it for the LULs.