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Had the idea about a really cool side story that could be told in court of swords

I’ve been having this idea that if Adam and the gang found themselves needing a break or a side story during this arc. What if they had a small band of blades campaign that shows the front lines of the war . The structure of the story is similar, the system supports a brief military campaign where in an army suffers a massive loss against a vast horde of undead. I don’t mean to bother or tell Adam or anyone else what to do. I just thought that it would be such a cool brief view of the over world

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I’m not familiar with the system, could you give a rundown?

That being said, you should check out Episodes 41-42 if you haven’t already - it’s a 2-shot that took place for a small group of survivors from a Court of Swords military detachment that had been decimated by the Necromancer King.


The general idea of the system is that the players do a dual role between being the officers in charge of the army and being the field operatives. The system itself is a forged in the dark game that specializes on telling grim war time stories where hope is what’s earned against a mysterious enemy that has an army that grows with each fallen soldier.
A normal session involves some discussion on a macro level of strategy for the army as a hold such as provisions and where they plan on retreating to, as well as a couple of role play scenes. The actual mission aspect then follows a small group of soldiers and rookies facing of against different threats in the hopes of improving the strategic position of the army as a whole.