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Guests the community would love to see on Dropped Frames

(Twistedgerm) #1

I'm not sure about you guys but I have a few guests I would love to see JP bring onto Dropped Frames at some point :smiley:

Just off the top of my head: Jesse Cox, Karak (from ACG), and ProJared
What are your dream guests for Dropped Frames? (Video Game related guests only)

Edit: Just realized Jesse has been on Dropped Frames but would love to see him again!

(ray__ragnarok) #2

I think it would be awesome to get Trihex back on after Smash the Record in November.

He did a great job of talking about GDQ last time and was an all around amazing guest.

(Oskratos) #3

I would love to see Witwix, Quin69 ( change of main game ( Diablo) ), Shroud ( managing esports and streaming a the same time) . Something like that. I think there are many people out there in different communities who would really love the show :slight_smile:

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #4

Speaking of Shroud and Cloud9. n0thing did a great job during his interview on The Joe Rogan Experience and would probably make a great guest as well.

(FlippoManiacs) #5

I really would like a trowback to the beginnings of DF and highlight some different communitys on Twitch. Some examples

Music streamers: I would suggest a_couple_streams because they have a really unique perspective and also stream as a duo.

Niche communitys: There is a small but vibrant civ multiplayer community, some of those streamers now gain more notariaty with Civ VI out. The community is very interesting because there seems to be a viewership demand that other communitys lack. Streamers with less then 2k followers can get over 100 viewers when none of the bigger streamers are online. As guests i would suggest FilthyRobot, Babayetu_ or Anzleon.

Those are the two communitys i am aware of, but i think there are a lot more out there.

(Kamro85) #6

guests i would like to see include: Reckful / Sodapoppin i dont think they ever really talked to a "meme" streamer

(ShakenNotSturred) #7

I would love to see Bennyfits on a dropped frames in the future. I remember back when JP was tweeting about him and that's how i found the guy and he's amazing lol. If anyone else, there's this guy who I have been following on youtube for a long time Robert Moran. He is making his own tabletop roleplaying game on tabletop simulator with a bunch of friends and they are hilarious. Just someone outside the "main" twitch community that would be cool to see on the show

(Twistedgerm) #8

I would also love to see Bennyfits on Dropped Frames as well! I've been watching his streams ever since JP mentioned him on Dropped Frames.

Also speaking of people who made their own Tabletop RP game; I would also love to see anyone from the URealms cast on to talk D&D.

(Twitch: no742617000027) #9

deadmau5 :smiley: That'd be interesting ...

(Mardymarve) #10

I'd like to see Demtrious Johnson on Dropped Frames. Would be good to see what perspective he has considering his MMA career and what effects on his streaming and community and how much extra traffic he gets from that.

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #11

Huge Mighty Mouse fan :smiley: Got to meet him at TwitchCon. Was in the running to work with him last year but it didn't pan out due to my high rates :itmejpexcite: to be fair he didn't handle that it was his manager or something like that.

(Chrisploitation) #12

HeatoN could be a pretty interesting choice considering his career in eSports. From pro-gamer to coach to head manager.

(Toastie_McStrudel) #13

i'd like to see Quill18 or Northernlion.

(Fourthaid) #14

I'd like to see someone like jcarverpoker who (as his nick implies) mostly does online poker. It would be interesting to get to hear a bit more about how he got started, how he operates as both a professional poker player as he streams, etc.

(Twitch: coldisnotwarm) #15

That would be awesome to watch!

(Kens3i) #16

I would like to see a Voice actor on dropped frames (Mat Mercer ? Or other) to talk about their strike that is curently happening .it will give us a lot of indsight of what is going on behind the scene in the gaming industry.

(MrSilentNight) #17

I would like to see TangentGaming. He is I believe one of the only New Game plus members that has yet to make it to the cast.

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #18

Had no idea there was a strike. Now I want this as well specially if it can be linked back to gaming in some way.

(Tyrden) #19

Would like to see one of the biggest Star Citizen streamers or someone actually from RSI.

(Zoomafou) #20

SourKoolaidShow, SceneOfActionMusic or ExcessiveProfanity would be cool guests. A second trihex show would be cool too.