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Guests that are smaller streamers

Just a random thought but does anyone else miss when they used to bring on smaller streamers, ask them questions, and try to expand that person’s viewership on Twitch? To me the guests have seemed to boil down to JP’s close personal friends.

Just to name a few of the previous guests; Ken, Lirik, Diction, Ello, TB, Crendor, Goth, etc.

They used to sprinkle in smaller streamers/content creators like FutureMan, Danny Odwyer, AnneMunition, (DroppedFemmes) etc but it seems like its been forever since that has happened.

(After checking the smallest person I could find was Maximilian at Week 92 in January)

Anyway I would love to see smaller streamers get onto the show again.

Maximilian Dood is not a small streamer though.

I’d think CinnamonToastKen would be the last smaller streamer they had recently.

Then again, Ken might be a smaller streamer, but he does have near to 3 million subscribers on YT, so I don’t think he would count as a “smaller person”

I miss the thing they did only in like ep 1 and 2 where they just went to a random small streamer during the show and shit on their profile telling them everything about it that was wrong or that needed improvement.

I mean they did it with good intentions, and I think they even got the persons permission, but it was still funny to watch.

this sounds like it would be awful to watch

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Yup! I slightly exaggerated how bad it was but pretty sure that’s why they stopped doing it so quickly. Good intentions but probably did more harm than good.