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Guest suggestion for Path of Exile

(dotLAN) #1

In Dropped Frames 94 you guys briefly hit on the topic on Path of Exile and it's upcoming massive 3.0 release. Granted the news bits in the show mostly just highlight current topics without getting too deep at times. Though in this case I think having a guest to talk about the game for a segment could be good with the massive release on the horizon.

For that I want to suggest getting in contact with with a streamer called ZiggyDLive on twitch. He mainly focuses on Path of Exile with a smaller focus on arpg's in general. But the main reason in suggesting him for a guest spot is the type of content he puts out for Path of Exile. Ziggy often travels over to the GGG's (Grinding Gear Games) offce, the creators of Path of Exile, to preview and release promo videos for upcoming content.

If anyone can can get you three a good in depth discussion about the game in where it has been, where it is, and where it is going it will be ZiggyD for sure.

Wasn't sure where to drop a suggestion like this for JP so typing it up here it hopes it will be passed along or seen.