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Funniest Rollplays?

Hey guys, just watched Die-Kea2, so glad they made another one. But it got me in the mood for some more straight up funny rollplays. I’ve seen the Maid ones, and they’re just fantastic as well. Just thought I’d ask if anybody else knows of one-shots or short shows that are just funny? I know a lot of shows have great moments but I was thinking more like the die-kea and maids.


There aren’t really anything else like those. Maybe the one-shots Dodger DM’ed. Otherwise it depends a lot on your type of humor.

R&D: Dungeon World is a silly romp (it got funnier as it went on), R&D: Apocalypse World is like the life and times of Higgs on drugs, Dark Heresy (RIP) has so many hilarious moments induced by the mechanisms of play, and Nebula Jazz is like 50% comedy.

Also, Roll20Con had a hysterical game at the end of the day with Jesse, Geoff, Kaitlyn, and Seltzerplease(Rachel), DM’d by Adam. This was about a year ago, give or take. I forget the name of the game, but you could probably Google it up with those keywords.

VyRe40 is talking about Tenra Bansho Zero

Mirrorshades is also pretty funny in places :wink:

I honestly don’t think I’ve laughed at a RollPlay more than a certain moment in Sean’s stint in Court of Swords. I’m sure everyone who saw it knows the bit I mean.




If it’s good enough to make a trailer out of… :grinning:

I implore everyone who hasn’t seen it to watch this session. It’s really something else. I yearn for the day Geoff and Jesse are on a show together again.

Another non Rollplay must see is the dungeon world game adam did for the Waypoint guys. They have never roleplayed before (except austin walker) and Adam recently suggested people watch it for both its zaniness and also as an insight as to what it is like to play with people who don’t have preconceptions of what rpgs can do.


My wife’s only really watched some of CoS and is now trying to catch up on Nebula Jazz, but I was trying to convince her to start watching Sean’s part of CoS out of series just for how funny some of those moments were.

Both Roll20Con ones with Jesse are fucking hysterical. The first one has some amazing back and forth between Jesse and Geoff, and the second is just ridiculous with a funny callback at the end

Definitely watch Pride of the Vanderhorn.

And even though it’s not short, I think the original Rollplay is the most “fun” of the shows, where no one takes it too seriously. It has it’s moments, definitely, but it doesn’t become bogged down, and turn into an hour long ‘rp moment’ to buy a potion in town. I know i’m in the minority of the folks who post here, but I find Neal’s campaigns to be the most fun to watch.

shrug - hope that helps

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