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Full Twitch Chat Rules

(Might be Captain Marvel) #1

Hello and welcome to itmeJP’s channel! Please read the rules before commenting.

  • We love discussions about your favorite things, but please refrain from putting someone else down for their opinion as well!
  • No CAPS, spam, symbols, political or religious discussions, homophobic or racial slurs please!
  • Self-Promotion or promoting other streams will result in a ban.
  • Please respect itmeJP and the guests of the stream.
  • Please don’t bring up drama, or insult other Twitch streamers in chat.
  • Please refrain from updating itmeJP on the activities of other streamers.
  • If itmeJP does not respond to your question, please do not spam it!
  • This is an English only chat.
  • Please do not post irrelevant links in chat.
  • There are a ton of commands within itmeBOT’s memory that might help you with a question you have. Keep an eye out for a mod or fellow viewer triggering those commands for you!
  • Spoilers, and general backseating, are not welcome in this channel. What constitutes a spoiler? Anything story related that has not occurred in the game yet! What about backseating? Spamming or aggressively telling JP what to do in an effort to guide his playthrough in a direction you prefer! If a mod sees you breaking this rule, you will receive a timeout.
  • Finally, please do not argue with a moderator in chat about a timeout or ban! If you have questions as to why you were banned, all of our moderators have whispers turned on. For the sake of it not being a focus within the chat, please whisper a mod directly!

Thanks so much and have a great time in the stream! Welcome!

(Might be Captain Marvel) #2

(Might be Captain Marvel) #3