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[FOUND] Looking for Titanfall Video (Swan Song)

Hey guys! So, I’ve been looking around for an old fan video from Swan Song. Its called Titanfall, and depicts Geoff as Sicarian as he goes through the major events of the character. It was basically just a storyboard animation, but it was one of my favorite pieces of fan art from Swan Song.

It has since been blocked on Youtube by WMG. I have tried contacting the creator, Alarnia, on Youtube, Twitter, and tagging them in a post on Reddit. They haven’t responded to any, so I’m assuming they are MIA for the time being.

Does anyone have any ideas on how we could surface this piece of art again? Any help at all finding the video, or contacting the author is much appreciated.

Video on Youtube:

Original Reddit post when video was uploaded:


Oh my god you are a hero. Thank you sincerely.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: