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(GreatSageSun) #144

The time has been impossible to watch live as someone who works, with the time difference being as it is across the pond (I'm in the UK). I'd need to take the next day of work to even consider it - I can't even watch the last hour of Court of Swords live. As it stands I catch the Twitch VODs for everything but Nebula Jazz.

It's my favourite active show on RollPlay otherwise, and my favourite system at present. The upcoming new schedule (Sundays) will have me watching live week-to-week though, assuming it lines up in the time slot the Side Story did, if not (hopefully) earlier.

(arzonic) #145

Rollplay Blades is amazing, I love the show!
I mainly watch the VoDs tho since I live in Sweden and the show airs from 3 to 7 am.
Really hope the show is not cancelled since it one of my absolute favorites.

(Dalon9) #146

The show is awesome! But the time (3am - 7am) makes is basically impossible for me to watch live.

(gladpingvin42) #147

Living in Europe the time slot is horrible so live viewing is impossible for me. Additionally the first couple of episodes didn't really capture my interest so I stopped watching the vods, and as I can't watch the show live I have no reason catch up. I've heard that the roleplaying in the latest episodes are great, but it would take quite a lot of time to catch up so I am hesitant to make the commitment.

I think this is a great idea. If the schedule is correct the new Sunday time slot is great for EU viewers like myself, so if we can watch a couple of hours recap and highlight videos (instead of 10 full episodes) and then be ready for the new time slot that would be great.

(tx1ndoki) #148

Being in Japan I pretty much never get to watch any of the shows live, unless I happen to not have to work and wake up in time in the morning, and I never expect a show that would fit my schedule.

Because of that (an just to support in general) I'm subscribed and pledged on Patreon so that I can watch the VODs later when I get home as well as listen to the MP3s when I'm out and about. The MP3s have been amazing, the sound quality and immersion I get from listening to them has actually helped me get into some of the episodes better (both CoS and Blades).

All that to say, what do the numbers look like for VODs, YouTube, and MP3s? Since I can't show my support for the shows by watching live I have to do it in other ways. I just hope that those ways are also taken into account and that you aren't just focusing on live viewers (I'm assuming you don't but just getting it into the discussion).

(DaRog) #149

I second this, watched the first couple sessions and just didn't get hooked at all but I have consistently over the last years only ever enjoyed and followed about half the shows.

(julipu) #150

i usually like all of the rollplay shows. blades somehow doesn't interest me. i don't like the "we are all evil and that's so cool" angle. i really like geoff but even that is not enough to keep me interessted in blades. adam and steven are very good storyteller and they always keep the story interesting even if the players aren't on their a-game. i haven't watched a lot of blades so i don't know where jon falls but he at least didn't impress me with his dm'ing in the first 2-3 episodes.

you are awesome
i like the cast.
i don't like the story.
i can't judge jon.

i hope this was somewhat usefull.

(Jjinxy) #151

It pretty obvious from this thread that the number one and maybe even only reason is the time slot. I don't know if JP have some kind of analytics on where his viewers are based in the world, but if you recall one of the first post on this forum about where are people from, huge chunk of that was Europeans. It's kinda impossible for us to watch a show at 3am-7am.

And I dare to say, if Court of Swords and Blades were flipped in timeslots, you would be asking this question about CoS now. Sure some peole will not like some of the shows. But if you look at the YT VODs, they are either even or Blades is beating CoS in couple thousand views.

(NaiElak) #152

It starts at like 2AM on a weekday for me, i usually try to catch the vods from twitch the next day though

(teebeeohh) #153

EU here, it's too late for me and i can easily watch the vod at work the next day so i think i have never watched an episode live.

(Unfortunatename) #154

Not strictly true with regards to the timeslot.

For a lot of people (EU) the timeslot is an issue. It is very easy feedback to give and you would expect it to be the common feedback. For a lot of people the timeslot is not the issue but they still arent watching.

The numbers and analytics are a much more useful way of looking at the effect of the timeslot.

You are right about the Youtube numbers, the difference is mainly on twitch from what I can see but the last ep of blades is sitting at about 600 views on twitch atm.

(killertick) #155

I love blades, and I am enjoying all the characters. In general I don't have a lot of time to catch streams so I joined your Patreon specifically to get this mp3.

Blades got me into @rollplay in general and now I am enjoying a lot more of your content, most of which is in mp3 format.

One thing I will say using TV terms is Blades is like a drama that if I miss even the first 5 minutes I'd rather catch the vod than try to figure out what's going on.

(AbyssionKnight) #156

100% the show is suffering because of when it is.

I have to get up every morning at 5:30am and Blades ends at 1am. So right off the bat it's hard for me to justify staying up for the show. There's also the fact that by 9pm when the show starts, I've already been up for 16 hours, so I'm starting the show tried. Last night is a great example, where there was no CoS so I thought I'd stay up for Blades. I woke up this morning, stiff necked, face on my desk, not even remembering all of the Preshow, let alone anything that actually happened in the now I'm going to have to watch the whole thing again.

If I'm struggling that hard to watch the show while living in NA, I can just imagine how impossible the time is for EU viewers. That's why I really only watch Blades Vod's. I think the sunday slow will help immensely.

Also worth remembering is that the show hasn't been super consistent the last few weeks, so it's entirely possible that inconsistency in shows also played a part in lower viewership. A ridiculous amount of people, after all these years, still haven't learned to follow Rollplay on Twitter, or just check your schedule page. Hell, I see people who are regulars on the channel coming into your Rollplay shows and asking how much they've missed (despite the shows always starting at the same time)! So schedule irregularities absolutely are going to mess with the show.

As far as the content itself, I think it's a show that deserves success. You have a great cast, great GM, interesting world and story, easy to understand mechanics, and great roleplaying. The show might be a little too serious for some people, but given how silly Nebula Jazz is, I think it's a nice contrast.

So I definitely hope you give the show a shot at a new timeslot before you consider giving it the axe.

edit: Oh, and keep in mind that Horizon Zero Dawn released yesterday, and that game had a fair bit of hype around it, so you may have also lost viewers to that.

(Darkaros) #157

I agree with this a lot. To me it actually improves the show since it's sort of "the crew of pros" rather than people dicking around as experienced RPers playing silly roles or relative newbies -- it's a nice change. BUT I can see why it might not be enjoyable; the players pretty much go out of their way to work in traumas or problems for story's sake, and handle pretty much everything like what you'd want an optimal group of players to do. Even the conflict between Aldo and Carriless with the lie about the diary was defused pretty easily -- the players are so in-sync with both how to RP and how to play "optimally" as a group that maybe they let each other off more lightly than, say, the conflict between Prosper and Higgins in Swan Song (I don't think that's a bad thing, but it's another example of no real setback or danger). So far Blades reminds me a lot of Light Side Balance of Power, and how it got less views.

(Ragged_ron) #158

Love the show, but two weaknesses stand out to me:

  • I believe the rolling / system needs more input from the PCs. When I compare Blades to The Bloodletters campaign and try to identify the differences the biggest that stands out to me is the Bloodletters players have an intimate knowledge of the system and take as much (if not more) part in defining the parameters of the rolls, devil's bargain suggestions, etc, than the GM. So from the moment a roll is invoked to the result is fast, like really fast. In Blades it can take quite long to explain the risk/rewards and by the time a roll is made I, as a viewer, have to remind myself what the original point was. Even some of the Blades players know it is taking too long as they just roll before John has even broached the subject of the Bargain. Take a leaf out of the Nebula Jazz players who are now using the compel function to be less passive players in their system/story.

  • Time (from UK).

(Darkaros) #159

As general feedback, I personally just caught up to the VODs and was able to catch my first live Blades show since release last night, when I looked around and saw the low viewer numbers as well.

For that night, I think it's just timing. No Anne means her audience isn't tagging along, GDC is going on, Nvidia talk, Horizon Zero Dawn swamping Twitch (I was watching Strippin before and after the show). As for in general... I agree that it's at a bad time slot, as an east coast viewer. I'm really spoiled to watching shows end at midnight EST at the latest, like Swan Song. In the final hour of last night's Blades I kept finding myself looking at the clock. Court of Swords being right before would also discourage me from marathoning, if I were watching that live (I'm catching up on CoS next, now that I'm caught up on Blades; 14 weeks to go~).

(ifandbut) #160

I feel the same way. I love the cast and like the system. However, compared to past GMs (Steven, Niel, and Adam), John just does not feel as energetic as they do/did.

I still watch the show but only on VoDs. I dont really know if any time would work for me because I like watching at my pace instead of having to schedule time to watch it. Maybe if Twitch had a way to pause live streams I would start watching it live then pause it over night to watch it the next day.

(kainsblade) #161

JP, I have been a sub off and on for years. I have loved your channel since SotG. Rollplay Solum was my shit, and let me just say that I LOVE Blades. I have seen every episode and if you change the time I will do my best to catch it live but please don't cancel it. Having seen many DM's on your channel, I think it is obvious that John is very talented and I'm sure you can see this. Don't take too much stock in the criticisms of him here. This cast is the best of any Rollplay show thus far.

(banned) #162

I don't hold it against him, but JP will make these decisions with or without us loving the show in question. He runs a business, and numbers define how well the business is going to do, so if something has to go he'll remove it to make business perform better.

Much to many people's chagrin.

However given the nature of this feedback it would seem that a time move would solve the issues of low numbers in this case so hopefully that's possible.

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #163

For me its not a matter of me being from the EU, its a matter of not having enough time to watch it. I havent started watching it, because i am addicted to Nebula Jazz, and i try to desperately keep up with CoS, and i get hyped AF for the one shots, and the liveshows etc.

Blades got on my chopping block, with work and family, and other social engagements, and from just the name, i never gave it a chance. It could be great, but i wouldnt know. Im sure its amazing, the cast is great, but i had to have some breathing room, so alas, i never started with Blades.