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[Far Verona]: What is Verona?


(sbritcher) #1

So back in Season 1 there was psychic event in the chapel caused in part by a psychic who was off her MES medication (iirc). A result of which a reference to “Where is Verona?” was carved into the chapel doors.

Thus far in Season 2 there have been no references to what I assume to be a part of the Deep Lore of the Sector (aka only in Adam’s Brain).

That said, my curiosity has been rekindled and I for one want to know what the heck is going on? Is it a place? A thing? A person? Is it in the Sector? Are there references in the Imperial Archive? Is it connected to the Lost Constellation ships? Is the Guild involved? For that matter what are they up to?


(Scara29) #2

I believe at the end of season 1 there was a bit of a call back in the wrapping up as Nomi after having that psychic trauma of seeing her body double die by a box being opened, (I can’t remember quite what happened but just know it had after effects on Nomi), Nomi started having nightmares/dreams relating to ‘Verona’ and I remember in her character wrap up one final dream was shown where Nomi was seeing a desert (or beach) and everything was neglected and ruinous, and there was a breaking and faded wooden billboard or sign that said “Welcome to Verona”.

If I’m recalling any of this wrong please someone correct me.