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[FAR VERONA // SEASON FINALE // Q&A] Follow the Yellow Brick Road


(AdamKoebel) #1

questions? feeback?

season one is complete! we’ll let you know as soon as we have some info about season two!

(apepi) #2

Adam, the question everyone is wondering, who became the comptroller? :rofl:


So how much of Booker’s secrets will bleed out before the election?

(Flyspeck42) #4

Were any PCs besides Riley synths?

(AdamKoebel) #5

nope, just her!

(SolomusBlack) #6

What uh…what are the names of Booker’s parents? Totally not drafting a response for the Deathless to apologize to them for the “loss” of their son. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Marachime) #7

I made these for JP:

(stevenx) #8

Booker’s last scene was one of my favourite things from any RollPlay show, ever.

This was a really nice episode an a good send off. I’m kinda sad it sounds like season 2 won’t use SWN, because it’s a system I really like, but I’m also pretty curious to see what is up next.

(Womprats) #9

Thanks for the great show everybody! It was a wonderful first season, I appreciate everyone on the cast and JP so much for sharing this campaign with us.

(Dalon9) #10

Week 29 roll results and statistics:

Nomi Qa’a (AnneMunition):

Roll 1
  • Skill: Talk - Assisted+1
  • Attribute: Charisma
  • Result: 10

Bicky Tipp (ThatBronzeGirl):

Roll 1
  • Skill: Talk - Assist
  • Attribute: Charisma
  • Result: 7
Roll 2
  • Skill: Connect
  • Attribute: Charisma
  • Result: 7

Crusader Gabriel (Sherlock_Hulmes):

no rolls

Booker Greaves (GassyMexican):

Roll 1
  • Skill: Notice
  • Attribute: Wisdom
  • Result: 11

Average skill results
  • Nomi Qa’a: 10.000
  • Bicky Tipp: 7.000
  • Crusader Gabriel: no rolls
  • Booker Greaves: 11.000

Average skill score: 2 points for 10+ rolls; 1 point for 7-9 rolls; 0 points for 6- rolls
  • Nomi Qa’a: 2.000
  • Bicky Tipp: 1.000
  • Crusader Gabriel: no rolls
  • Booker Greaves: 2.000

(Scara29) #11

@AdamKoebel What happened to Yancy? Did the ‘failure’ of the mission blow back on him at all or did he gain from it and eventually rise to take over from the Richter on the Prudence?