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Far Verona Season 2 || System and Setting Prep

I did a little sit-down session and talked about premises for Season Two.

Synths on the Run
They made you to be perfect. You were bred for a purpose and hundreds of years of science and progress led to your birth. You were the backbone of the Empire - her soldiers, her scientists and her children. Then they said that those who made you were plotting to use you to usurp the throne, and the resulting war wiped out nearly all of you. Now, those who remain must live underground, hiding their truth from the universe that hates and fears them. Now you must survive in this world. But maybe there’s more to be had - safety, family, a new life somewhere else? Or revenge? These imperfect humans could be taught a lesson. What will you do with the perfect life they gave you?

Psychic Academy
This is it! All the trials and tribulations of your school experience are coming to an end. You survived, along with your classmates, and now all you have to do is graduate, right? Except, it’s not enough to graduate, you’re going to be the best. You’re going to have the best posting, the most prosperous marriage and you’re going to live a life far away from this frankly terrifying place. You’re the most promising psychics the Empire has to offer, and now all you have to do is prove it.

Space Pirate Captain Acheron
The sector is full of treasure, just waiting to be taken. The fat nobility rest on their laurels in the core worlds while you ravage their ships. The merchants of ACRE and Trilliant cry in the boardroom over the profits you’ve pillaged. But every era comes to a close, and more and more Vagrant ships are turning legit. Not you, you’ve done something so terrible the Empire will never forgive it. That’s why you need to find another way out, just a few more credits and the Wizard will be able to hide you from your past forever. One last job, just one more.

Down and Out on Hong Lu
Welcome to Hell. It wasn’t always like this - Hong Lu used to be the shining red gate of House Cygnus, factories working day and night to produce the best that science had to offer. A whole species of perfect people left this world to live among the stars. Not you, though. You’re stuck on this shithole, surrounded by strife, chaos and bloodshed, dying a little bit faster than everyone everywhere else. Not anymore, though. You and your friends have had enough of this heap of burning garbage, and come hell or high water, you’ll see your way free.

PRISM News Ship 12
Every day ten billion interesting things happen in Acheron Rho. Terrorists blow up orphanages, nobles kill each other in duels and I’ve heard that the Guild turned someone’s baby into an octopus the other day. Everywhere in Acheron Rho, something is going on, and it’s your job to report on it. PRISM pays well for excitement and entertainment for the masses of humanity living throughout the sector and you’re going to break the Big One. Or die trying. Remember, if it bleeds, it leads.


So freakin’ stoked

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I tweeted this at you, Adam, but I’ll drop it here for the general discussion: I had four thoughts about your recent Far Verona Season 2 stream, but I never get to watch live and drop these in chat, so here you go!

  1. I think the “Prism News” setting has a lot of potential for you to push them toward some big ominous mystery (whether it’s the Far Verona mystery or not) via small stories they choose to pursue. So everything they resolve gives them a piece of “the big one.”

  2. In the “pirate” setting, I loved what you said at the end. They’re all horrible people. I think this has a lot of potential to make COMPLEX characters. Make the characters come up something that would make viewers think their character is a villain.

  3. You mentioned that all settings should sound equally cool if you’d pitched them right. Maybe you just meant the players, but I thought it was worth giving you the feedback that Synth and Hong Lu sound less interesting. Maybe because we saw that in season 1. (not that I think these two are crap, I just like the others better.)

  4. You and the prep content are kick ass. I enjoy watching it as much as the shows. Thank you for making the awesome content. I’m rooting for “X-men in Space” or “Woodward and Bernstein in Space.”

I like the space pirate one the most mainly because it’s the sci fi genre I enjoy the most but also depending on what characters the pcs create and the reason they choose they can’t stop being pirates it could easily meld into synths on the run.

The vods have been pushed to youtube now. Part 1 and Part 2 respectfully.

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So I was watching your youtube video, where you hack the magic rules from genesys, and I love the way you got it working. I was wondering though; will starting characters be able to use the higher level abilities from SWN (like telekinetic ram) right from the get go, if they choose the telekinetic skill, or will there be skill levels/ranks you have to unlock with xp along the way, such that you are relatively limited in the things you are allowed to describe early on and then it can get crazier the more points you put into the psionic skill?

I think it’s likely a case that they can attempt any given task but that the difficulty will be very high.