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[FAR VERONA // S02E08 // Q&A] Vigdis

Who doesn’t like new friends?

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Why did Vigdis not give the crew a fake name? Or is Vigdis just the cover that they will use from now on?

We don’t actually even know if that’s her like “real” birth name, it’s the one she’s using right now!


I wonder if Vigdis will treat the alien with respect considering her stance on synthetics.

I also wonder how Mark will react to the knowledge that the governor of Cabina is a Triangulum noble. If he learns that is.

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Ok, I can’t be the only one who saw the ship sailing during the workout scene? (Buff synth ladies lifting heavy things and taking showers :smile:) Hoping for some entertaining Autumn/Jasne/Hadiel triangle later in the season.

Also I imagine Hadiel looking like a more lithe version of Pharrah from Overwatch. Hoping for some fan art later.

I mean, it seems like for a lot of folks Synths are one thing, Vistas are another.

I think that’s reasonable! Hadeel is probably less buff than Pharah. Maybe like add in a bit of Ripley?

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Yeah totally.

Because of a busy schedule I only just watched the faction turn design stream where you design the whole influence system. I didn’t really have anywhere else to ask a question, so I decided to try here. I was wondering whether you were planning on scaling the amount of influence that assets give in proportion to their value? Should Hired Thugs or Security Personnel really give the same amount of influence as a Capital Fleet or a Panopticon Matrix? Maybe it’s too much work/too hard to implement properly? Just a thought

Hey, a hired thug hassling the right politician in the right place can be more influential than a fleet of warships in the middle of nowhere!

But don’t you think a planetary government as a whole would be more influenced by the threat of orbital bombardment than some politician being hassled in an alley?

Usually, but not always.