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[FAR VERONA // S02E05 // Q&A] Why Are You Human?!

sorry karen, your kid was in the way


Do you have the surname/family-name of that Eridanii family? And do you have a surname for Troy as well?

not yet! please invent some for me?


Enjoying this season so far love the shift to the new system. So with the focus on synths what do the people of Acheron row know for sure about them and what is up for debate? Mainly I’m wondering about VI vs AI vs sentience pertaining to the synths. Like the park janitors seemed somewhat low tech VI. Did they at some point upgrade those into what Johnny is giving the more artificial intelligence or is Johnny just something similar to them that gained sentience some how? Same thing for the other synths, are they AIs that gained sentience or AIs that just dont have any set programs and went rogue or were synths always created like the casts pcs are now they just have gone rogue in order to survive? Sorry lots of questions just really enjoy some bladerunner what does it mean to be alive sci fi.

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